Let’s talk about the creepiest time of the year!

This is the season when we talk about witches and warlocks and rituals.

And yes, there are modern-day witches.

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  • The fallen Angels taught the daughters of Adam to cast spells and the use of roots.


  • I worked with abused children as a Social Worker. Many of the girls back in the 90's were into witchcraft. They would draw symbols on their notebooks etc. Not all, but some, were convinced that they were "white witches" and it was only a reverance to nature. It was, I believe, just part of the online Social Media (chat rooms) being used to indoctrinate girls to "normalize" witchcraft.

    • I think that has something to do with feeling powerless.  In their fantasy they believe if they can cast spells it gives them some power over their external world. God Bless them with their true nature!

    • I should say, however, that many of these girls were also placed in girls' group homes for "difficult " girls. I was an "ongoing" Social Worker, so they had already gone through intake and placements made. I just found it very prevalent among these girls.

  • The first time I every looked at Marina I thought "she looks like a man".  I've learned so much since then! LOL

  • Hey Snarky, if you look at that shadow picture of Marina, doesn't is show her supporting a package, you know she has a "unit", a trouser trout' like the Moose...also many have stated that Valerie Jarret is the drag switch of this same former Iranian President, can't spell his name, ...people have done facial layovers and comparisons....just look at every picture of Valerie Jarret and Bathroom Barry's penchant for hiring Muslim Brotherhood members to fill top government positions in his Administration...bet ale Val has a tie back to serve that dancing magical trouser trout

  • Remember in WW2:  Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, and FDR were ALL FREEMASONS and members of the one eye club, Albert Pike preditted both World Wars...and all of our heroes and enemies of WW2 were all punting for the same team...Ford was making the tanks through subsidiaries, Boeing was making airplanes for the Luftwaffe through South American subsidiaries, Rockefeller was supplying the additive for airplane fuel, IBM provided the first gen computers, American Banks were financing old Adolf...I wonder what the free people of the world at the time would have felt if they had this information and were sending their children off to die in war by the millions....Look at that FDR that everyone loved, the guy was as evil as they came...every Democrat leader except JFK were all traitors to America, each and everyone...Truman became a 33rd degree Mason as his payoff for dropping the AB's on Japan...we never won the war at all, it was just a sideshow on the march to the New World Order..

    • What a bunch of pathetic deviant beings. I wonder what their ratio of insanity to humanity was.

    • -and Prescott Bush, jr.grandfather borrowed the money to Hitler, which was a Rothchild grandson, -And the man behind the Walmarts buildt consentrationscamps for the same H!. Not strange all the rumors of the Walmarts are conected with underground train-lines and was made easy to convert to prosessing large quanteties of humans. That tall FBI director that didn`t put the foot down on Hillarys e-mail mess, he was the one signing the contract on many giljotines and with 200000 (I believe) extra blades for the de-heading machines. What a mess. Let us hope we didn`T wake up to late. Love from Norway

  • Sandy hoax, Columbum, The Boston Bang Bang...wait till the public wake up to these FF and Mindphucks...and the Space Shuttle which supposedly exposed yet every member of the crew is still living....we are so in the dark about almost everything...that is why God is going to give us a second chance because we never had a chance to ascend because of these evil ones

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

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