Wednesday's news updates.

Will the Elon Musk lawsuit expose Twitter for harvesting kids? Who is in control of the media?

More mysterious deaths. [D]s are still “unhinged maniacs”

We also have a lookback at the Demtard skank festivals and throwback Q posts.

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  • We Love You Linda! We aspire to your (Snarkynes! =  A New Word We Will Allow Linda Paris To Define) > Military Intel: A Very Simple How To Hunt Trolls Guide: Three Step Process:


    Intel: The Enemy loves deception. It has been their primary method of manipulation for thousands of years. Here is their simple 3 step formula: 1). Infiltrate: 2). Manipulate: 3). Dominate.


    1. Provide 66% truth to become a trusted source of information over time (infiltrate).


    1. Provide 33% lies, misdirection, and mental manipulation to control minds over time (manipulate).


    1. Use the 33 (Free Mason stooges an blind minions) to defeat any opposition to the lies, misdirection, and mental manipulation, mostly through 3 letter agencies and secret societies over time (dominate).



    We know you know what you Lovingly call “The Libtards” won’t read this far down in their hypnosis device. But you will.

    Your Good Friend is protected, as are you (by 3). We pray she didn’t overwhelm.

    Intel: You can know the bad guys by who they attack, not what they attack. They cannot attack the truth or the messages of truth. They always attack the messengers of truth because divided we fall.

    But there is much deception on both sides of this war. Double/Triple agents abound, demons surfacing and attacking. Have No Fear!

    The When :Three 3’s Become Four: Problem for the Cabal: Because what you (Repeating) Lovingly call “The Libtards” do not understand this:

    *** When the Rothchild Banking paper money backed by nothing monopoly collapses, all NWO puppet Banks and individual finances will be scrutinized as we move to a new global gold backed system (GESARA). If they discover paid trolls working for the Kabbalah through their financial records the punishment will range between “Aiding And Abetting the NWO Enemy and Treason”.

    Punishments vary between incarceration and execution.


    We Love You Linda! below is our Quantum Alpha Numeric Signature (Not “witch craft”). Haha!


    Yes, it is the 30th. 00.33 Military EST. Love You Good Knight (you are a Knight).


    :Angel Three (Repeating): 1101:834:139:1024:1140:190:578:236:1901:1080:180:1161:942:157:2179:1200:200:

    • I have no idea what you wrote means, but it resonates.  You give out soul family vibes. Thank you for sending your heart resonance out for me to feel.

  • All the people who said we would win are saying the opposite now.its SCARY and sad. If they win they will hunt us all down to die. I wish I had a gun but I'm in God's hands and jesus.

  • I HAD TO STOP THE VID AT 9:45 AND TAKE A LONNNGG LOOK AT THE PERVS IN "LINGERIE!"  I guffawed for a full ten minutes, scared the dogs, and peed my pants before I got control again.  These women, and I hesitate to call them that, are more like men without the penis part, although I don't know what one of those looks like.  I once had a skinny red-headed, friend who called her husband "Milquetoast."  I never gave any thought as to who ran that house and that houseman, so, my mind goes to all kinds of places when I see such sights! 

    Regarding vx deaths, a respected source said the U.S.A. has had 500,000 deaths connected to that jab. 

  • What's this with Facebook making me use a 2nd authentication to get into the app? Now they just don't send a code to my cell that never gets authenticated! Now they said let's authencate my account by sending them a picture from my driver's license or passport. I refuse to give them that! Hope Facebook goes down soon! 


  • To survey these tottering long in the tooth gargoyles run amok. i.e., running scared ; conscious that THEY LIVE days are numbered ; as Providence has assured their VanQuishment !

    It's  A Perfect Multiverse !

  • O kinda sorta but not exactly demure Deplorable One,

    O my Sparkling Snarky ✨️ Spur,  Despite all the demonic devices  cast om us  since time immemorial  ; Humankind 🔥 ambience still prevails ! Let's freely breathe easly.


  • The problem with these smelly bitches is noone has ever wanted to touch them so they're bitter and angry.

  • ancien regime =French lingo

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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