Hello, it’s me deplorable McAllister aka Linda Paris.

The report begins with the reading of the Gateway Pundit headlines.

The Conservative Fighters headline goes like

“CNN Cuts Out of Trump RNC Speech — ‘A lot of What You Just Heard From the President of the United States Is Wrong, Misleading and Outright lies’ ”

A Tom Elliot tweet goes like

“ #BlackLivesMatter activist in Chicago: "We have demands and they need to be met we're not asking you anything. We're telling you what’s about to happen with your permission or not. You can listen to us or you can get ran over." ”

Then at the end is a meme that says “Is the Rothschild Family Descended From An Ancient Master Species?”

The Gateway Pundit headlines are: -

  • HUGE! First Night of RNC Delivers NEARLY SIX TIMES THE VIEWS on C-SPAN as DNC Sh*tshow (VIDEO)
  • “This Dude is Shooting at Us!” – BLM Run For Their Lives After Milwaukee Homeowner Fires Warning Shots at Protesters *Update* BLM Militant Shot and Bleeding (VIDEO)
  • SICK! Black Lives Matter Goons Harass and Scream at White Couple Sitting Outside at Restaurant After They Won’t Hold Up a Black Power Fist (VIDEO)
  • UH-OH! Great News For Trump Campaign – Trump Leads Biden by 10 Points Among Independents
  • Biden Brags “I Have Left My Basement” But Says He Will Win by Staying Home, Slams Trump for Holding Campaign Events
  • “They Put God into Everything”: Ohio Caller Tells C-SPAN He Is Changing From Lifelong Democrat to Republican After Watching GOP Convention
  • Families Reportedly Trapped in Building Set on Fire By Black Lives Matter Rioters in Kenosha
  • Charlotte Black Lives Matter Rioters March Down the Street Chanting ‘F-ck Your Jesus,’ Cover Street Preacher With Silly String (VIDEOS)
  • Kenosha: Multiple Buildings and Cars Set on Fire by Black Lives Matter Rioters
  • Outrageous! CNN Chyron on McCloskeys: “Pointed Guns at Marching Protesters, Charged with Unlawful Use of a Weapon”
  • Newt Gingrich Predicts Trump’s 2020 Victory Will Be ‘Dramatically Bigger Than People Expect’
  • Second Night of Mayhem in Kenosha: Rioter Pours Accelerant Inside Garbage Truck and Sets it on Fire – National Guard Moves In (VIDEO)


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