Vampires and witchcraft are linked. There are vampire speicies base in Antarctica.

Antarctica blood falls. Blood rituals.

Vampires still exist.

Bloodthirsty entities that prowl by night in human form,

Vlad the Impaler, the Queen, Prince Charles.  All of Hollywood - they all need blood and they never die.

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  • Take a look at Celine Dion, she has wasted away to nothing. I don't know if she was involved in that adrenacrome, but she sure looks she was doing something!!! I don't know if a person in there right mind would do things. I think they are taken over by some evil forse???

  •  I remember reading that Queen Elizabeth did not allow anything with garlic to be served ,along with other rules.

  • Linda,  Hey dear- I LOVE your channel!

    OK, Iam the "long lost 100% unknown relative of Queen Elizabeth II Windsor (late) and thus, King Charles IIi Windsor- Mountbatten"... and, and I live in America... born and raised here.

    My mother's mom was related to "The Lady of the English" aka Maud (Beauchamp) d' Ciifford.  She was kind, loving and humble and lived alone in a 1 br. - 1 ba. apartment in the worst (poorest" part of town.

    my dad's  mum was related to Col Augustine Warner, Sr. and Augustine is my genetic link to the British Royals.  As far as I know, I'm 100% unknown about bec ause I live off of a small fixed income disabiity check.   Yet the Blood of Kings and Queens flowsi inmy veins... I'm the "Unknown Plantagenet."  I've lived with my parents all my life except in college (I was in the dorms) and I have had a terrible time finding employeement suie to my disability.  The Archangel Michael is my "Guide" you could say.

    Cheer! and Love, Light and FUN!



  • Interview Jessie, She is on Aquarius Rising on YouTube and Rumble channels she can probably answer any question you have about a lot of things you have questions about anything!

  • Thank You,  Linda

  • neithercan<< i   also keep bouncing emails w attachment\links that ive been tryn to share w you

  • I can't get this post to play!

    • I have to copy URL and open in Brave, chrome and firefox won't load the podcasts says " Unplayable format"

      used to be fine until auto updates by windows.

      Piss me off

This reply was deleted.

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

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