I have been collecting videos for Into the Unknown.  It will be about Vrills - but I am also interested to do Saturn worship.  These are interesting topics.

So anyway, I want to talk about these cockroaches who continue to steal the election.  They need to be stopped.  Their lies and fraud are all over the place - and everyone sees that!  They should be apprehended!

I saw a post from somebody that these roaches should be deprogrammed.  Well - that is exactly what they need.  These creatures!

We talk about their unending lies and deception in this broadcast.  

We demand transparency!

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  • Hi Linda. I've been saying that I think these weird people we've seen in videos, that were bussed in, came from underground. Thanks for addressing it! I hope you are well! 👋💐


  • I am a dog person, and maybe 15 years ago I saw Brittny Spears had a little dog on her lap, a Lhasa Apso or something. As usual,

    I then study the dog and forget the owner, and suddenly I saw an ugly thing, for short seconds. This was before I ever heard about all this, but I never forget that kick by seeing it.

  • this video will not load/  tried several times.  

  • Hi Linda! Great show! Look forward to your next video Thank you!

  • I turned this all the way up and even used a blaster but the sound is too low.  Other sites here are fine.  Hate to miss out LOL

  • Thanks to all.   in 2013, I was taught, and now firmly believe, that due to the firmament removal about Earth, all timelines and open dimensions are merging without negotiation. Please consider that northern magnetic polar migration has opened the firmamental veil, and diminished convectional velocity (it was similar to a magnetic waterfall/blender, which blocks and convelutes the proper data transfers of plasma bourne data memories) I.e., it mixed all thought and soul data into a swill, and crucified that mix with magma, lava, etc., removing all former thoughts and soul life libraries, reducing it toa singularity source pinpoint cymatical collective/condensation blueprint element (a soul seed nano magnet toroidial donut). Mmmm, donuts. Anywho, these possibilities, combined with a higher, denser, frequential environment (as evidenced in the Schumann Resonance), allow multiple brain wave types to operate simultaneously, which makes us smarter.....duh! We need that, as heaven and hell have, and are, currently reglanding plasmatically, after thousands of years of separation. All plasma is programmable, and, rewritable. Souls age, grow, and become wiser. We all are plasma generators, which, once started, increase production of said programmable plasmas. All of the antiquitous plasma our fore-Earthilngs generated and programmed could not escape, and was compressed beneath our feet into what was labeled "hell". During times of higher frequential resonance upon this planet, humans become more empathic, and absorb the pains and emotions of the past (pain, tears, etc), even as far back as the previous "golden age" (former magnetic planetary excursion weak point event). The good news; We surface citizens are erasing/cleaning and reformatting the energies that decompressed from hell. Now, the heavens may regland without demonic and poisonous interdimensional sentient energies getting loose. Then, we smoothly and lovingly gland into the plasma internet of this galaxy, then beyond. The first thing I was taught, was that all humans will receive, interperet, and produce all galactic datas. No more lies anywhere up in heeyuh. I'm a blue collar moron, yet, I just typed, like I'm some kind of well educated skyintits, ha ha. I hope this helps yinz guys understand all of the odd behavior you are quite probably witnessing. Try to be forgiving, since we weren't privy to our 96% "junk" DNA, 24 or more entities could've "possessed" a single human (probably more, coz I'M a rotating door). Thanks for reading. I hope I typed it all like I was supposed to. Many love, and are in awe of, all of you, mox.

  • This may be your best video on the subject of vril. I'm not sure if you know the answer to this question but I would love to learn more. Taking little Bono for example, was he aware of this parasitic demon and chose to die, while the vril lives on within? Why would a human choose to give up their life unless overwhelmed, depressed or possessed? If the human is dead, there is no enjoyment for that dead person. Hmm. Thanks so much for all you do - especially for making me laugh. So good to laugh. ❤️🙏🏻 😉

  • Hey Linda ...I dont know what I would do if it wasn't for your Bottle of Snarky I drink everyday.  

    PS  SNL had a Halloween show a week ago, in the opening monologue there were 2 regular pumkins carved with candlelight......and a 3rd one.....with a face of a reptilian.  Yep.  They love to show us who they are in plain site.  It was so obvious ...I have a video of it.    Thanks for everything

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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