I have new intel on Ukraine’s deepest milabs!
Ukraine housed the number one underground hub on earth!

People will need treatment immediately!

Thousands of children were used in bizarre experiments and more!

The truth will shock the world!

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  • His story repeating itself... This time, WE win !!!

  • Thanks for the info. It's too shocking even for those who are aware of what has been going on.

    There is/was a duo on YT, "Cyrax and Flyrax" that were posting very creepy and eccentric videos on this more than 10 years ago with pictures of human animal hybrids. It was difficult to believe but the worst seems to be proving true.

    I wonder who they were...

  •  Dear Linda and

    Dear Linda ,  I Love your intel I have been watching you for about a year now ! Thank you for being that beacon of light and sharing real news and real truth ! God bless you and Truman ! 

    p.s.what even happened to Sarge ? 

  • OMG.. I am crying right now about these kids. I know it's true..I hope the labs people rot in hell. Pray for these kids.

  • Always knew the Greek "gods" were real along with the half horse half man etc. All goes back to Gen:6.

  • I keep looking and digging deeper and deeper. I have been asleep to all of the fake news and corruption ,evil, greedy people in our world. When this 'virus" came out I had so many questions and nothing being answered. I had to find more to make it all make some kind of reality to me. Todays information topped the charts for me. Thank you for doing what you do. As hellish and disturding as it is we need to know. God help the people that got vaxed and are still asleep.


    • I don't think the creeps counted on people having an inclination toward truth seeking during their lockdowns.  I'm so glad people did!  The liars are making me nuts! I hope it all comes out soon.

  • Ukrain is head ofthe snake.

  • I'm not shocked because I had an intuitive sense these experiments were happening. Of course seeing it with my own eyes would be a real shock and a different story. And if I ever have a chance to see the pictures I'll force myself to look out of respect to the souls that went through it. God will give all of us more strength than we need to deal with this.

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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