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More things to talk about... Nuke scare then blackout. 10-day run down.

JFK Jr., Diana, Trump.  Age regression, transportation, pads, portals, gateways, new technologies.

Guy Brummel breaking news!

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  •  can explain much better than me or find it on utube
  • If you pinch yourself and you say ouch because  you feel pain you are not in a spiritual  body as you must be at the true real return of Jesus yeshua  yaweh Most high God a false one claiming to be that appears  before that this is how you can tell the difference . Revelation  666 6th Vaillancourt Trump and seal Messiah  Jesus 777 7 Trump vial and seal Satan appears as a one of peace don't be deceived 

    • You ran your sentences together and I can't comprehend  what you are trying to say. Especially after Revelation 666 6 Vaillancourt.........

  • End of times and 1000 years of peace. It's all in the Bible. I never could understand a work of the Bible, but I believe in God. 

  • I would also lisa, if you would ask Christian ..where is Jesus in this happening ? I'm sure others are wondering this to ...its a very important question ...would you address that for us.

  • Hello Linda,

      I love you and Christian 21, can you please ask Christian about GOD where is HE in the scenario.  I know he talks about demons and the devil. But I never hear him mention anything about GOD. Linda I have been watching you for along time with Sarge and Dilara.  I love you Linda.

    • DITTO! I think Christian gets good info but I also think he gets lies mixed in from these evil beings talking to him.IMHO if the 'spirit' talking is not the Holy Spirit then it's an evil spirit/demon. I believe the stuff about the Reptillians and the greys but I think they are all from the satanic realm, so lies mixed in with truths.

  • Many thanks Linda and to Christian also. Love your work. 

    I hope Guy will be ok and get released asap. What a croc!!

    I am in Sandringham Melbourne Australia and in St. Kilda which is closer to the city approximately 10 kis to the city, well in St. Kilda they have ramped up the 5g. It was at 3.4 but they have put it right up to 35. I don't understand the numbering and am only repeating what I heard. So there now is an expectation that a covid outbreak could occur as a result. Will wait and see. There are many free thinkers in St. Kilda but also many who took the jab and who continue to be asleep. Surely more would be waking up now. One can pray and hope. 

    I wonder what the near death experience will be, what shape or feeling that would entail?? Lol, I don't need one, I feel close to that already as am old with a nasty lung issue. But I am fully awake and am enjoying the movie just wish more would wake the f up!!

    Thank you Linda for all you are doing for humanity. Keep safe, stay healthy, continue to look after that puppy of yours (I call all dogs puppies!). And I love Laura also...You two rock. BIG LOVE and God Bless you ALL. Ciao for now, Jules 

  • He says ,they will come out ..example ..michae! question linda, is    well, is Elvis there please find out

    • Elvis is alive, as far as I know now.  He didn't die in his 40's.  He was in protective custody all of this time and is supposed to be a pastor.  You can probably find the name by searching for Elvis.


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The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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