Tuesday decodes!  We have, of course, crooked Hillary! And we have pencil-neck Schiff!

Let’s talk about Ellen pillows and…. Putin’s clone?

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  • I just wanted to tell you I'm not getting notifications anymore 

  • I wonder if all the people on that list need to be deprogrammed. I wish it was as easy as flashing a light in their eyes.

  • This don't make sense i went to Sam's club with a friend 2 days ago an was told by the assistant manager Sam's was over stock an was havei a huge sale because the wear house was  over Full & had no room for deliveries When most stores can barely keep the stores open because of shortages 

  • I was in Walmart today and I counted what I saw while there....31 sheep wearing masks.....most took them off when they got outside.   quite a few of the Walmart workers are not wearing masks.   BTW a Walmart tractor trailer was leaving when I left and according to Monkey Werx......the coast of the US is almost empty of cargo container ships but China, Russia and that area are loaded with ships that aren't being unloaded which will affect us when our ships are done then we will  have a food shortage.

  • PS every name you mentioned ... over the past few months my intuition has been suspect about. It's happening to a lot of us. I find this very interesting! 

  • So MSM is still trying to confuse the public about what TH adrenochrome is, right? STILL. Conflating the pineal gland w/ the adrenal glands that sit atop the kidneys. Those kidneys that UofA are funded to research from freshly aborted (having been in extreme pain during an abortion) infants. Just normal, right? 

    But MSM still obfuscating what things actually are. STILL trying to say there is a "Qanon". We know this is how they have to frame an enemy and confuse a real matter happening in the world. 

    But as I was explaining to someone that AL GORE was stopped in flight or near flight, and was found w/ a briefcase full of vials of blood I had a name revelation. ( OK. That doesn't happen anywhere on planet earth to treat diabetes but people are dumb as rocks).  I realized was the name AL GORE. -G O R E- was horrific. Just yet more confirmation that they do change their names and put in in our faces but also I believe for their own amusement. I believe they snicker to themselves in their big "innocent" clubs. 

  • Linda, I have finally given up on my family and former friends. I thought my ex husband was coming around until I found out he got his third shot. I sent him so much info and he agreed with me. Then he admitted that he got the third shot because he was flying to Arizona. I'm done. Can't continue trying to wake then up because it is so sad and frustrating. Thank you!

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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