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Did President Trump use a double at a rally?! More discussion on this including election fraud and the Trump card!

Also, Betty White aka Snow White… We need to talk about this

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  • Trump had to step back, because we needed to rely more on ourselves to get up out of our chair and do something. We're babies that needed to grow up. This thing has gone on too long, because we are softer & lazier than most people thought. So it's our fault -- blame yourself for the delays!

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  • I expect that any President or former President in this day and age has doubles that are sometimes used for security purposes.  Even if it were a double I bet at a rally like this the real Trump would probably be spoon feeding him his lines though.  I did notice he was very Trump-like the way he scolded the event people for not securing the teleprompters better in the wind (totally something the real Trump would do), and that (the wind) was also his excuse for the hat, which he did briefly remove, making a joke about his gorgeous hair (and honestly the hair WAS so gorgeous, like full, that made me think maybe NOT really him - if it was, I want to know what he's doing to his hair cause I want me some).  OR, was that "scolding" about the teleprompters a conscious signal to his listeners that at that moment he was going OFF teleprompter?  Because it does seem to me like when he does actual "drops" it's during these unscripted type moments where it appears that he has gone away from the teleprompter.  Im going to go watch it again to see exactly what he said right after that moment.  Otherwise I agree with you this rally/speech felt sort of flat for me.  He still talks about the election fraud in terms of statistical assumptions (like "there's no way you lose if you win these 3 states, look at the bell-weather counties, etc.), which annoys me - let's talk about actual evidence not bell-weather county "probabilities," you know?  Still reminded us about how bad we're getting screwed under Biden but also frustrating for me because I didn't think it was harsh ENOUGH.  And then he did actually change his tune a tiny bit on the vax (there was no "recommendation" this time and then he did start to say "they're hurting children" but then after a brief pause continued on to say like with masks and school policies).  He did linger on human trafficking a little bit more than usual I thought, saying it was mostly women being trafficked and that "what they are doing to these women is really horrible" which I'm not sure I've heard him say exactly that way before, Ifelt like he was really emphasizing that, maybe he was trying to signal to us that one of the things they are working on behind the scenes is saving these women even though it looks like nothing is happening - I'd like to believe that's what he was saying, but maybe I'm projecting.  But for me the only time during this speech that my ears really perked up was when he said "don't lose hope" and the song they played at the end "hold on, I'm coming" - I definitely noticed that change - and I also notice that even though the feed I was watching muted all other music during the entire rally(viewers claim that's because they use copyrighted music so it can't be re broadcast), they DID let you hear that one single piece of music (which must also be copyrighted, right?).  I think that song was meant for those of us who are holding on by our fingernails at this point saying "when are we going to see any sign of something happening."  I notice btw that you haven't commented on the whole Jan 20, 11.3 triggered thing, where now supposedly the military has the authority to act directly on behalf of the people without it having to have anything to do with Trump, because it's been a full year now of "belligerent occupation" without the occupying enemy revealing themselves or something... I would be interested to hear your take on that.  Me I feel like that's a pretty harsh rule for the people who are living under belligerent occupation, to make them wait a whole yr until you can help them -it's like if a bank robber takes hostages, we don't have some minimum period of time you have to wait, to see how mean or nice the bank robbers are to the hostages, before you are allowed to try to do anything about it.  If that's what has happened, I feel kind of angry that people like Juan O'Savin and others didn't point that out more clearly after nothing happened in what was it like March 25 or something, I wish we'd gotten clearer signals at that point that it would be another 9 months.  And I feel kind of angry the American people seem to have gotten thrown in front of the bus for the past year in order to help "insulate" Trump.  A lot of people have lost their lives and their livelihoods, and worse, I feel like every friend and/or family relationship in my life has been irrevocably damaged by differences of opinion on stuff... I can't even speak to the people in my family I know voted for Biden - I feel like I was a Jew on a train passing right in front of them and they were Germans who looked the other way.  I don't know how to get over that, I don't know how to speak to them, and it seems so dumb I can't/won't speak to my own sister because of who she voted for for President... the "cost" of this entire year of deception has been high.  Maybe that's exactly what happened and what had to happen, but if so, when this is all over I believe the people deserve a complete explanation of why it "had to be this way" and let's see actual evidence of why... not just someone saying "well if it hadn't been this way then there would have been civil war."  I need to hear more than that to approve of how this thing is being "handled."  I don't like that the "white hats" seem to be deceiving us just as much of the bad guys, and leaving us people who ARE "awake" hanging out to dry and looking like the crazy ones, that really leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I want everyone to stop lying to us and acting like we are just too weak and fragile to handle the truth.  I do not believe we will ever get disclosure about what's really going on w extraterrestrials, and I think that last clip you showed here confirms that.  THAT disclosure I don't believe is part of the plan at all.  Which is disappointing to me.  But we'll see. Maybe/hopefully I'm wrong about that.  Love you Linda thank you for everything 

  • Wuish IK could go full screen, can't read much in your videos,

    Also a like bjutton might be nice. I seldom have anything to say, but like leaveing a like to show I enjoyrd videos.
    Thank, you are informative, and certainlty, Always entertaining!

    • Yes, I agree

  • Maybe we're guessing if that is TRUMP because of the COUP that has taken place on the USA and also the freaking MISSING IN ACTION US MILITARY!!!!   

    Who HASN'T already begun to question this stuff?   *SIGH*   

  • Tarot by Janine is in YouTube time out, I think for 3-4 more days. She doesn't do private readings anymore and is a breath of fresh air. She asks the universe for answers, and is really spot on. She has been so careful about not getting a strike, although she finally did get one. She also goes on beyond mystic with Jean Claude. She keeps growing fast. Love and blessings to you 🥰

  • I love you Kissinger impersonation! 😂

  • I.ve read somewhere that Barbra bush and betty white have the same father AC ???

  • I really can't believe that Trump would send/have a double to do something as important as a lengthy speech somewhere where 25,000 or more people showed up to see him...too much on the line if anything went wrong would absolutely crush the voter base..CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT THAT WOULD DO??…besides, the man LOVES LOVES LOVES being with his people..maybe some lesser appearance but not a big rally...imo..

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