In the center of this episode is Canada’s tyranny. People are being detained in hotels because of their covid rules their president knows about. As a matter of fact he is the one who actually ordered detention hotels near the airports!

It’s beginning to look like communist China up there.

There is a viral video of a mother of a religious missionary who was crying at the airport because she was not allowed to talk to her son. Her son was detained because the Canadial authorities did not accept his Covid test.

Watch this episode, share if you want. The more shares, the more people will get to know about this whole dang thing.

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  • Linda I have a copy  of “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper I can mail it to you . What is your P. O. Box?


  • Linda, I truly don't know the truth about TCH but I do know he was involved with Field McConnell. I don't recall the details but Monograph got into it with Field and TCH over the atty in Florida as both Field and Timothy claimed she was a major player in child trafficking. Monograph and his crew went after them and it led to Field's arrest over talking about the atty on Field's YouTube channel. I always found the idea that they were part of an official Pentagon Pedo Taskforce kind of hard to believe but on the other hand I find Montograph and his friends rather scary. That site is probably from the attack by Monty and his crew. I used to watch TCH on occasion years ago but found him to leave me with kind of a creepy feeling about his sincerity. I also watched Montograph a few times and really found him scary. I just quit watching them as I found the entire situation upsetting. You may find it interesting to dig further but I don't think I'd bring Monty up on your channel as I don't think he' it and that would not be good.

  • Hard to watch.  You're wrong about TCH.  May I suggest an interview with Timothy?  Have a feeling he would agree to it.  He really is a truth teller and has suffered immensely because of it.  I know you aren't attacking him maliciously but still I think it would make sense for you to go straight to the source.  My humble suggestion.

  • @McAllister T.V.  if you watch this you will have a better picture of who Timothy Charles Holmseth is all about...    go to 3:08 minutes

  • Linda, I think u r wrong about Timothy the DS were after him for decades. They are lying 🤥 

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  • Haiii Linda,  🌀 earrings? and an EGI<> MTF? Guess once a 🤡 CNN 🤡: animation for children's academia; sure it had hidden symbolism <> sick 😷 

    and it Figures, your friends w/ EGI <>AMV 2x Convict

    Accused serial harasser nabbed in Quinte West | Toronto Sun
    A man alleged to be a serial harasser and conspiracy gadfly was arrested at a home in Quinte West late Wednesday.
    • Jill curious what you are getting at here.. Linda's own career with CNN? her  affiliation with child symobology doing animation for childres programming?  Interesting..?  I don't believe Gerald Brummell is an abuser, he had his own child taken by his ex wife who was lead down a garden path from what I understand and his daughter was abused by CPS staff or foster parent and he has been trying to send those responsible to jail for years. He hasn't found his daughter to this day. Along the way he uncovered mass pedophilia & child trafficking in our own government at the highest levels and set about to expose them.. I don't know how he went sideways when he bought into Kim Picassio's lies that she was a victim of harassment rather than what I believe, since her involvement with Hallie Cummings case, that she in fact is... a baby broker lawyer.. selling babies to the higest bidder never mind qualiifications as loving foster/adoptive parents.  Be interested to know what your references about CNN🤡 is about.. 


    • Jill ThanQ😊

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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