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  • Cher always had the trannie look. But then she got married to Gregg Allman. Maybe Gregg had to obligate a record contract from the 60's? Remember what happened to Berry Oakley and Duane. They walked away from contract in the lates 60's when they were in LA going by the name hourglass.. 

  • Doing some digging on T Brady. He got hurt in 2008 misses most of season, won 3 SB up to then. Takes the deal marries Gisselle in 2009. Wins 4 more SBs. Video of him kissing his son fully on the lips. He is know as the Goat, same symbol as satanists. What do you think Snark?

  • Not a shock to me, always wondered HTF these broads have flat stomachs and are so f'in tall and have babies.  my @ss, that is when I figured they are dudes.  Not possible.  I'd have to be in the gym 24/7 to even come close and a chop of the fat left after kiddos, which I don't regret at all!   Now if they sneeze and p there pants then I will consider they might be a woman to beared a child from a real V.

  • This is no shock to me. My ex-hubby had the best legs (seriously straight male) and I was always aware of his thin body. I also had a gay friend that also had fantastic legs, hair, etc. That was all back in the 70's. The reptilians and bastardized inverts have certainly multiplied over the decades... maybe millinia. 

  • snarkanopolis LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!

  • Crazy. My eyes are continually reopened. GOD save us all. 

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