Zombie apocalypse - is it fact or fiction?

The CDC, Nostradamus, military preparedness, movies, and video games - they all tie together!.

Do you find that weird?

This is the 22nd episode of Beyond the Headlines with Thomas - so stay tuned!

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  • It seems to me that unvaxxed people have grounds for a lawsuit. In Canada during a lawsuit they were unable to prove the science behind Covid-19.

  • when you showed the map of zombie appocalypse, i remember hearing something along that same line not too long ago; there are sleepers in these cities waiting for the word, then release a new virus. i think it came from someone in china.

  • Check out Enter The Stars he does great decodes on their movies and is spot on, he has been given a gift from GOD to do this.

  • I sent you an email regarding arches and since Macdonald's has the most well known "yellow arches" in the world and is implicated in having human dna in their meats and other foods I would say these arches deserve a dishonorable mention. 

  •  Fauci accused of doing experiments on monkeys exposing them to rage...Remember the movie 28 days later?  All about zombies created from monkeys infected with rage...just wow.

  • Linda, I did some investigating on that arch from the movie.  According to a 2019 article from SilverScreen it says that the original archway was left to fall apart and the LA Fire Department finally demolished it way back when.  It says the new archway was a reproduction and built in 2001 for the revitilization of Hollywood.  Also, if you look at the original arch it had two sections.  The new one only has one, yet the symbols are all there.  That leads me to believe that it is a replica of the original.  But it probably still holds some of it's old power and black magic.  Those are just my thoughts.  Hope it helps in your investigations.

  • You should use your YouTube channel remaining to do your old newspaper article stories! I loved when you did that on your channel YouTube took down 😢. I'm not on the other venues you're on, so YouTube was my only way to see your videos. Think about it, if you have time, it might be fun, and your YouTube family left behind will love it!

  • This is off topic but I wants to share this alarming photo of Twiggy that I came across while looking for old fashion photography. Maybe the photog complained about her nub showing, so she did this. 9751269261?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • there is no fucken zommbies.

  • i seen video of the 2nd twinn towers  exsplode.. and there was no plane involved... i belive irs in telegraph  ...on juan o savin or michael jaco.. page

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

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