Dilara discloses she has a lot of information -- people in Hollywood are dragged out of their homes! These people could be dragged by plain-clothes police or military.

We all go back to what we have been always saying -- the military is in control!

Hollywood’s crimes against humanity have not been unknown to some. Definitely their staff and crew knows about it!

Their agenda is right in our face -- and we see it -- their satanic fashion… it’s everywhere!

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  • What books or readings can I research to fully understand or at least be super informed of what information I have that I can mend with what I've seen in your content? Long winded but I have dreams and I have innate senses that when I concentrate or try and develop in a spiritual sense the more that is revealed. I know it sounds cliche mam but I'm not a holy roller I love the one and only but like I said I'm from a whole different set of tracks in life to have had started getting these visions. Especially since I really just got my shit together a short time ago. I know I cant smack a stupid person with the truth even if it saved their life so now I'm just protecting whom and who I can and it might sound far fetched but I'm trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do with these things and the coincidental thing to happen was being led to you and maybe thru you because their is so much of what your saying is 1000percent true but the one thing that I would warn you about or warn is a strong word just be cautious of every political figure that we have in America period. I would say to you to trust your heart but do not trust any human being that you do not think would lay down their life for you because they truly all have an agenda and they truly all are sinners in a very bad way. None of them have a clean closet and for that they will protect it but on a lighter note I love your stuff to the moon and back I mean the space station and back lol. But please if you can find the time I be would really appreciate it if you could send some titles of some stuff I could really research and find the truth. It's really to help those that don't see it but it would help me tremendously too. Thank you 

  • Those pictures are peanuts when the people who creates it was in a party yester-evning with corpses in their own body-fluids as saus. Yakk, makes me unwell every time, and I hope I never get "used"to it.

  • The Arts commuity has overdone the transgender/baphomet look. At this point, it isn't shocking, cutting edge, or even interesting.  It's boring and ho hum.  How about some REAL creativity for a change because it just looks stupid.

  •  youre so cute Linda. like a pixie. i love the hair color. 

  • I keep seeing people commenting, that family and friends who swear, they'll never get the satan serum, are now getting it.
    Could this be in play???


    Dr. Fauci's wife's secret plan to put psych drugs in drinking water -brassballs.blog
    Mandatory. Without the public’s consent. Otherwise, half of Americans will continue to refuse vaccines. Who are the people behind the plan? Christine…

  • i watch all your reports and read Dilora's Blog. truth about 3D TO 4D...many liars  with large audiences,, Charlie Ward often brags his11 yr old son is in 12D ! LOL ! TAROT BY JANINE DISMISSED LINDA AS A potty mouth, WHY BECAUSE SHE DISLIKES THE BODY OF WORK REAL RESEARCH AND REFERENCES TO God brought out.HAS A HUGE AUDIENCE ON HER 2 CHANNELS, IS MONETIZED AND DOES ALL THE MOST POPULAR TRUTHER channels guest Contracted APPEARENCES  giving political event opinions from her cards and expands her own insights... LINDA IS SARCASTIC-HUMOROUS, not filthy mouthed LIKE NO NOTHING, DONATIONS, NO CONTRIBUTION fORMER BOXER ANGRY David Nino RODRIQUEZ.  tHEN THERE IS MIKE JACO FORMER CAREER NAVY SEAL AND CONTRACTED SECURITY FOR CIA a very likable guy, a hopefully sincere patriot yet making alot of money on expesive  Consciosness Ascension courses. Mike claims he is highly ascended, can change weather, remote view, has had multiple important role past lives including meeting Tarot by Janine in past lives, Mike claims he met ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, SERVED A HIGH POSITION WITH GEN. PATTON, WAS IN SPECIAL HIGH POSITIONS IN ANCIENT ROME, WAS A iTALIAN DI medeci, claims to be reincarnation of important people etcNow that alot about Super Soldiers has been revealed, Mike has recently said he was a Super Soldier-Space Force and went to many planets,the moon,mars etc SHOWED A BLACK & WHITE PIXELATED CHEST HEAD SHOULDER TO SHOULDER PHOTO OF HIM Between  RiNK AND OTHER Super SOLDIERS THAT SEEMED PHOTO SHOPPED,YET EVERYONE  BELIEVES HIM, NO ONE CHALLENGES HIM. i like him, brings out great info on 9/11 & danger of vaccines, he claims his inuitition has shown him that Billions will die worldwide. etc. I AM OF YOUR RESEARCHED OPINION regarding ascension to 4D.

    • Jaco has serious emotional and mental problems.  Janine's bestie  Ashley has green hair, fake eyelashes and anytime Janine says something she chirps "right?" "right?" "right?".  These people are all kinds of messy, but hopefully their hearts are in the right place. Jaco has hooked up with Janine but he used to be all over that psychic Utsava until all of her predictions were wrong LOL.  Janine's trying to make some money before people realize she's full of shit.  It's all very entertaining.

    • Nacy, if you have any comprehension of AI, energy, frequency, capabilities you would know it is very dangerous these days to do Tarot, or follow anyone during tarot. Any out of body comunication of any type. It is so easily taken over or intercepted by evil entities. The people as quality as they maybe, can be fooled into thinking this is what came to them, or they feel from the cards, etc. I am very aware this can happen. One needs to be very careful and discerning, so they are not led down the wrong path. Mark my word. There is still a great deal of evil. It is not all gone. Blessings!!!!!

    • I agree. Discernment is really necessary when listening to these people.  Jaco is pure ego because he's always talking about how enlightened he is, and he constantly makes sure people know he's ex-CIA etc. Healthy, confident people don't try to convince other people that they're accomplished and worthwhile. It naturally comes out if it's there. Seriously, he's such a hot mess! LOL

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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