For a while I thought Bill Barr was a good guy. Slowly the mask has come off.

His father was instrumental in hiring Jeffrey Epstein at this school. 

Donald Barr, the father of Attorney General William Barr, hired a 21 year old college dropout named Jeffrey Epstein to teach math at the prestigious Dalton school in the 1970s.

See the connection?

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  • LINDA! On YouTube channel, Nv Tv, there are so many captures of Sasquatches and Dogmen, that they really have compilations of them! Moving, live pictures!

  • The Biden keepsake video, Hahahahaha!

  • In The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda Priestly sends her twin girls to the Dalton School.  Miranda Priestly is played by Meryl Creep.  We know what she (he?) is all about.  Not a shock that the script would include a reference to the pedo hideout that must be this Dalton School.

  • Why was Italian Supreme Court Judge strangled

    at a weekend at the/or a ranch. Scalia 

  • From what I've learned when they make a clone sometimes they put the donors head on the body of the clone. This could explain these neck scars

  • YouTube had a doco from GIA. Titled Dog headed men.  The wolfeman could be these dog headed men ?

  • I was shocked when snopes "mosly" told the truth about the Wildwood , NJ Trump KAG rally messy parking lot 

  • Just FYI the skin crease in Biden's neck you pointed out is a surgical scar I have one just like it.  It's basically a facelift scar although I didn't have a facelift, I had a surgery where they had to remove a part of my salivary gland of all things, but that's how they go in when they need deep access in your cheek area, without cutting your face.  They start up above the ear and basically cut your outer ear off and then down the neck like that to open it up to get in there.  They try to place the incision that goes down the neck into a natural neck crease so it's not noticeable.  Since I had that surgery - oh which can also cause facial paralysis, which I had for a couple years - I found myself looking closely at people's faces on TV and they almost all have this scar, and also one-sides facial paralysis appears to be really common, too.  I know you're always saying that some of these people always look like half their face is sliding off, and I agree, and due to my surgical experience and also noticing most people on TV have these neck scars... I always just figured it was a plastic surgery thing.  I also notice with really super creepy faces though, like the Pope, I don't think it's paralysis like that, it's a truly "sinister" face on the left even when it's trying to be a happy face on the right.  Isn't it weird that the Latin word for left (as opposed to right) is "sinister."  The black eye club too... it always seems to be the left eye.  Anyway with that I'll re-post this photo I saw last night of Obama's Health Secretary -what the hell is going on with this face?9259152094?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • No one should be near this FREAK

    • Yes... Obiden's facial skin looks as though it has been stretched to the maximum. One side of his smile is up.. one side is down. His obvious attraction to children tells me that this is the "original" Biden. It must take an unimaginable amount of gall to stand in front of the world when most of the world knows DJT is the real winner. And Joe Biden is the person for the job.


This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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