This week on… Beyond the Headlines with Thomas.

We’re talking about the Satanic cult - the 9th circle. A lot of people are connected to this cult.

Who are they?

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    😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😳😳Wow!!… that was super weird…earlier this a.m. I had typed a rather lengthy and BLATENTLY HONEST response to a ‘’VALIENT THOR’’ person/thing on a podcast this morning..(FYI, background info, supposedly there was a real valient thor, according to Phil Snyder, whom (PHIL) back in the 70’s was HIGHLY RELIABLE , WELL KNOWN GOV GENIUS and highest security clearance WHO developed highly classified equipment for drilling huge tunnels etc..and specifically talked in depth about drilling into a pocket of underground aliens and also not only stated but had pics of supposed alien (VALIENT THOR)that worked with u.s. gov…BTW. PHIL was killed after making numerous YouTube videos) …anyway, I figured this VT person/thing that the podcaster introduced as something of a ‘contributor’ a few days ago was just some lackey with average knowledge from earlier happenings (like myself) and had just assumed the name VT..
    Anyway…………a few minutes ago, I just had opened up telegram and was reading on a channel AND ALL OF A SUDDEN THIS PIC/VIDEO? Interrupted and POPPED ONTO MY SCREEN! I didn’t understand what was happening or where that pic/video was coming from and it seemed to be either a video or was being sent live..because it was moving..I STILL DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL THAT THING WAS BUT IT WAS AN EXTREMELY CLOSEUP OF SOMETHING I DONT EVEN HAVE ANY KIND OF REFERENCE TO DESCRIBE IT TO! only lasted a few seconds and best I could tell it was brownish and red(blood?) snoutlike? Don’t know if it was fur or skin..entirely too fucked up to tell and only lasted few seconds, my brain couldn’t take in enough to even discern other than the thing was damn scary and appeared alive..was gone in a flash and I can not find any evidence of it anywhere..this shit just gets weirder every week around here…THIS JUST LEAVES ME A LITTLE BIT CONFUSED AS TO HOW, WHAT, WHY JUST HAPPENED….AND I CANT HELP BUT WONDER IF MY EXCHANGE AND DOWN RIGHT TAUNTING COMMENT I MADE TO VT EARLIER THIS MORNING MIGHT BE CONNECTED?? I DONT KNOW, BUT KIND OF COINCIDENTAL…..just for any future reference, y’all know I am NOT SUICIDAL, MAY HAVE HAD 10 DRINKS IN THE LAST 15 YEARS, DONT DO OR HAVE EVER DONE DRUGS and I’m not even on any kind of medications…I’m not crazy nor is their a history of crazy in my fam…

  • Check out other deaths and many add up to #9 also

  • FYI the 27 club is actually the #9 club. 7+2. If you c


  • Dante had a sick imagination.

  • I saw movie The Ninth Gate.  My first exposure to satanic evil.  I pray God will heal & protect this earth from all the evil.  

  • That caller was a mind blower! Wow...

    I agree about getting this guy back on. ABSOFREAKINLUTELY!

  • God favors children. That's what I believe. Children are innocent. Blood of innocence. ???

  • I hope he makes out ok.  That's a tough road he's on.  Praying for him because he may be in great danger.

  • It's actually us, all of us in the truth movement raising the frequency in alignment to the universal source code interrupting their grid.  Cheers, love the show.  

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

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