The Supreme Court is highly infiltrated.

That is what Sidney Powell is telling us as they refused to hear the election fraud.

I think this is good news.

Yes, good news. Why?

Figure out when you listen to the episode.

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  • What happened to Nancy Pelosi, you ask?!?!?! 

    She was - secretly and quietly - arrested, taken into custody and is being held in an undisclosed place awaiting her 'trial' in front of - a 'Tribunal'.

    What is a 'Tribunal' you ask ??? It is a court case involving - not just one 'judge' - BUT ''NINE'' JUDGES. And when you think about it, ''They AIN'T GETTIN OFF; NO HOW, IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR SQUIRM. Each and everyone of them facing their court case are facing a 'stack' of charges that are so many. Well, you get the picture.

    The Nancy Pelosi, that we see, is a double, literally. Enjoy the show, it's just getting started. And don't forget - The Gallows - being built by military engineers, right there at the White House.

  • Oh my gosh. Truman's chew toy was awesome. Where do we get them? GOD bless us all. 


  • I don't understand why I can hear Dave from the x22report and And We Know from across the room but I have to hold my phone to my ear to hear you. I guess I'm going to stop listening to you because I don't want the radiation that close to my head. I thought you cared about your viewers. If you did you would turn your volume up!

    • I hear her fine...maybe you need a new phone🤷🏻‍♀️

  • These corrupt court cases go way back. Jon Benet. Ramsey .A victim of P edos. OJ definitely rigged. Ppl need to Wake up

  • Ms. Paris, hello. By trial and error I have gathered my most reliable and credible truther sites to stay informed. I learned that there are 3 Quantum Computers in the world. Russia, China and US have them. A small group of various people use this computer as Q. I follow Q and believe it's real. I've followed a site called AIM to keep a tab on it. It is run by a husband and wife, Douglas&Tyla Gabriel or Betsy Ross and Thomas Paine, they change often. She is a school teacher with high intellect and researcher. He is an author, scholar with high IQ and former NSA 20yrs ago. Who claim to be the ONLY true truther site, and often remind people of this. All others are unreliable, untrustworthy, propagandists who do sloppy research. Such as Mike Adams, Monkey Werx, Gene Decided, Juan O Savin, Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, X22Report, SGTReport and many others.  Douglas claims he was part of CICADA 3301 and has an conclave in the Intel agency's. With this in mind Douglas&Tyla state the history of Q. Which they take credit along with the conclave for.    If anything it's hard to swallow and refuse anyone to question or alter their "truth". You have the same level of intelligence as they do, will be the only time they will discuss it.  According to them in 2013 they came up with restoring the republic, with mass arrests by military.2016 THEY created The Plan to take down NWO&Banking cartel. 2017 THEY published their Plan and "We had Trump following us there and discussed our Plan with us. He liked our Plan". After telling Trump how to initiate and accomplish OUR plan, he was happy and adopted it. WE are the Q plan creators and these terms, The Storm, Calm before the Storm. The Q everyone follows is fake and is a CIA pysops Intel. This rogue unknown Q/Anon movement is connected to Nazis& Soros, it's fake. "Only ignorant morons continue to play a fake decode game. Stop being stupid."   Sadly somehow Douglas&Tyla read the story of Michael McKibben the true source code creator of Social Media Networking. Michaels son attended Harvard and classmates with Zuckerberg who was aware of an email from his son received from dad about the patent. McKibbens patent attorney James P Chandler lll worked for Obama and hiliary. He had a copy of the code to apply for the patent. Which he gave to the corrupt ones who weaponized it with CIA/FBI and fb was born. McKibben sued fb and lost, forced to pay fbs attorneys and 10 million fine. Patent judges owned stocks in fb. Douglas/Tyla convinced Michael to send a Miller's Act Notice to Trump July 2017 demanding payment for the Govts use of his patent for free. Expecting Trump to have treasury cut a check for 40 billion. McKibben offered a deal to Trump. After 3 wks with no reply from Trump Tyla told her followers to flood Trump with emails, tweets, videos demanding justice every couple months during his term. Radical. Tyla posts a NO TRUST LIST for being loyal to the Queen; Gowdy, McCarthy, Corsi, Rudy G.,Barr, Pompeo, Tucker, Hannity, Kavanaugh, Barrett, Gorusch, G. Flynn. The arrogance, smugness,, degrading, belittling , radical thoughts and actions, blame Trump 1 day then support him the next, Douglas frustration for Trump not listening or ignoring what he wants done. Since GameStop they are on this  mission to screw wall st by buying up all the silver, thrift store, pawn shops, rings, necklaces everything even though sellers have doubled the buying price, buy it anyway "We have to screw these people, time you step up and do something."  You really need to see for yourself, go into their archives. I would love it 1 day they meet their match and challenge them. 


    • I forgot about those Quantum Computers, and they are phenomenal. To start with they come at a measly $$ price $$ of only - a $100 billion dollars - and that's just for the unit, upon purchase. Then also, it comes with a maintenance fee, upgrade fee, and they run at a daily, weekly, and monthly fee, but knowing how tempormental these units are, all of the owners prefer a round-the-clock maintenance fee. 

      Their computation ability is out-of-this-world, astronomically insane and mind boggling. And of course, this is just a start on these amazing computers - that every college student - would love to have, knowing that they would get an ''A+'' on any class they took. Even if they were to take a 'major' they don't have any interest in, go figure. 

    • As a Recon Ranger Top level Communication Specialist in the Marine Corps, anyone claiming to be Q or saying that Q is fake is a liar and disinfo agent. So these guys claim to have come up with the Q plan and they are the ones to be listened to? So they admit to the disclosure of top level secretive info that could get them jail time or worst? Q was created by JFK back in the 60's and 250 top level Generals and other Patriots decided to take the long road to get our country back. You listen to the bullshit and you become bullshit... The Real Q team is non terrestial and terrestial working together. They have technological non weapons to help bring down the criminals that are below the surface(unseen enemy) and are non- terrestial..Stop attacking people like Linda and start fighting the real enemies of humanity unless you are one.

    • Where am I attacking Linda? Nothing in my comment attacks her. No where does it say I support or believe these people, quite the opposite. I find them repugnant  and highly arrogant. I keep tabs on the vicious campaigns they launch against credible truthers. I brought this info to Linda cause she likes a good challenge.

      I've been a free thinker  and question all narratives my whole life and always will. I am a sensitive and pick up on vibrations and frequency's all around me and know when someone isn't being honest. I detect quickly to aggression and anger. Feeling stronger in the last few years.

      I was clear on points I made that I follow Q and believe it's real.  I found their account of Q hard to swallow and doubt that the Q people follow is a CIA pysops. You took only what you wanted out of my comment and attacked me, this coming from a Communications Specialist. Nonetheless thank you for your service.

    • FollowingQ?


      Q is  teaching us to INDEPENDENTLY think for ourselves byusing Logic over Emotion, and to learn the COMMs  so we can do our own research. Q uses the Socratic Method of teaching . Very effective. Asking GOD for Discernment and Wisdonm and putting on the Whole Armor of God is also recommended.

      Nowhere does Q say, "Follow me/us" but Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness...

      Just sayin...

This reply was deleted.

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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