Yesterday you saw videos of the closed Standard Hotel in Hollywood.

Today we will do more decodes - and I have more pictures - including a tiny detail I missed to mention.

Future proves the past -- tick tick BOOM!

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  • Le Bain is French...loosely translated, it means 'the bath'....bathing, and depending on how it's used in a sentence, could also refere to shampooing hair.

  • Great video Linda!!!! Thank You! 

  • I remember there were 55 gallon drums of  Some kind of acid, Stored on top of the roof of the standard hotel and they got caught pouring it down the gutters and drains and it gassed a bunch of people waiting for trains under substations!! I believe we're looking at a fake Adam shift his eyes don't seem to bug out of his head like they used to🤔

    • It was muriatic acid, swimming pool cleaner but way too much of it.  The story suspects they get rid of bodies using that acid which dissolves them, and then they gotta drain the pool and the incident involved some kind of shoddy job.  So, they could have been just cleaning the pool but the issue they notice for sure was they had too large a supply of muriatic acid at that hotel.  I rode by it a lot going that way through town and notice their sign that sais Standard Hotel is always upsidedown.  It's nice to hear they closed.  Definitely a satanic mafia helped along by I guess draco and greys that are all vampires. With spaceships that believe predator prey is necessary or else how could they have lived long enough to figure out how to build a spaceship or genetically engineer bodies that can travel in them?   Someone has to take these people out if the earth is going to ascend or transcend.  In the meantime they are doing this vax that's so scary how much the WHO and Big Pharma can lie and Bugnolo is researching and feels the shedding issue is the most serious issue to non vaccinated up ahead.  Fact checkers debunking it so they corrupted, no trust for fact checkers.  Stew Peters claims he debunked them all.      Anyone looking at the AstroWorld concert on   can see clearly what looks like typical laid up on the ground vaccination tremors.  I heard vaccines were required to attend the concert. 300 people injured. At least 10 seemed to be having vaccine reactions. The pic of the singer has it look like he eats people and other satanic pics there and portal pics with demons coming in. 



    Vaccine Syndrome
    By Scott Miller Informed Consent in the Military: The Anthrax Vaccination Case - Attempt On Mandatory Vaccination Program Related Links: - Bod…
  • Wasn't "Wendy" one of Hussein;s favs? Then she grows up as Ray Chandler?

    • Interesting. I believe quite a few of these degenerates we despise started out as horribly abused victims.

  • Bet there's a secret entrance to a DUMB under Carney's...also, heard AS is mixed up in a covered up homicide of a black person at the STD_H...and he likes "furries"...

  • Weird that Schiff dressed like a woman while abusing. RRN said Tom Hanks and his Bosom Buddies sidekick dressed like women when they tortured children too. My intuition shuts off when I try to figure out why,.

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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