When you sell your soul and take the ritual you die. 

We talk about holographic energies.  amnesia vortex, soul sucking.

White light tech, house arrests.

We also touch on people -- Gary Glitter, Oprah, Simon Cowell.

10 days of darkness. 

Satellites are fiberglass fakes.

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  •  Hello Linda....hi Truman,             I really respect you as a person, You have a good sense of make me laugh.  I will tell it like it is, I dont give a shit if anyone likes it or not.  I believe your the same way, I dont know why I dont have a whole shitload of friends, maybe its something I have said, oh well no biggy. Im an Aries and March is my time to finish loose ends.    I find it admirable, all that you accomplish on a daily basis, theres a hellva lot you do and I for one really appreciate someone of your intellect.  I dont always agree with your outlook to certain subjects, but thats fine I can respect your opinion.  Thats how I am also.  I have been a critical thinker my whole life, I dig deep into researching once Im onto something. I came across a lot of the material that you cover in your videos. At first I thought this was all bullshit when I found it over a decade ago. I would have been committed back then if I was to tell people of Reptiles, Demons, Cabal, Illuminati and so on. It takes a little adjusting at first, once the shock wears off.        I really need more information from Christian 21 about the Missing people in the National Parks.  Thousands across the world go missing, but there are some that are found, deceased, naked, and in areas that have been searched more than once.  Usually in water and the coroner cant determine the C.O.D.  Even a few small children go missing but their clothes are found neatly folded on a rock or tree stump.  I noticed if I lay Dave Paulides cluster map over the DUMBS map the clusters line up with the opening of DUMBS tunnels.  I can see maybe some of the missing might be taken by Bigfoot but to claim they are eaten is hard to believe. Even if that is true that doesnt explain about the majority.  For a small child standing less than 2 feet from their mom and just vanish in no time, is where its perplexing.   Christian said something about a bright light, like alien abductions? Mom or friends would of seen that, makes no sense.   Dave Paulides has researched and studied Bigfoot for many years, actually his samples he collected and sent to Dr. Ketchum, her results line up with what I thought for years, he is part human.    Dave recently attended a Bigfoot convention where he was a guest speaker in Golden, Colorado not far from where I live. It would of been great to finally meet him, spoke through emails.   Attending would be out of my price range, I struggle the way it is.  Besides Im saving for another fur baby.           This whole People Missing mystery is very frustrating, I think about it, probably more than I should. I cant help putting myself in the families shoes and what they are left to deal with.  You go for a hike in a place you have hiked a 100xs--in broad daylight--by a river or lake---near granite boulders, and the next minute your gone, never see your spouse, kids, friends.     I would really be grateful if you could squeeze more out of that Bloke Christian 21 please.  I must of missed the video of his background. I believe hes the only chance I have to an answer of the Missing 411 people.     I usally dont post comments to the famous in the truther community, mainly cause I dont get any reply.                                                                                                                                                     Thank you Anita Urban

  • If you are a Christian  when you die you go to Jesus immediately if not the other side of the gulf. There is no choosing on a light, according  to the Bible.

  • The Heart is not a pump.
    It's a Valve. A Portal.
    When it's broken or grieving it can and usually does close, in varying degrees.
    It can indeed be opened again if we ALLOW it to be so. It takes intentional work. Not everyone has the spiritual grit to work thru the fear involved in reopening.
    This is why detachment is crucial to living with an open Heart.
    Connected to everything and attached to nothing is the sweet spot.
    When the Portal closes, a chamber at a time usually, veils form. These veils are stitched with fear. You must commit to burning them if you aim to honor your Soul.
    If you leave the veils in tact long enough, they will calcify. This is where much of humanity is. Calcified Hearts. Desensitized to True Divine Love in the name of illusory safety.
    My Purpose here is to speak to the Intelligence beyond those veils. May the Frequency I emit shatter all that you are not as Source codes penetrate to the eye of your Soul accessed thru the Sacred Portal in your chest.
    You are each incredibly Sacred
  •  Hi Linda, Sending out All the Love in the World and Thanks to you, Bluewater and Christian 21, also not to forget Laura. I faithfully follow all of you for any sliver of real truth, and boy it's coming out in bucket loads. For unknown reason(s) I've been banned on Bitchute for Thumbs up and commenting since back in December. I was afraid to delete my account of 2 years, afraid I couldn't get back on , also get notifications. Actually after the Bluewater fake account video, they unsubscribed me and missed 5 videos. Anyways I have a couple questions for Christian 21.  I've been married and with my husband 35 years, he's a miserable alcoholic, not a sheep, but not very awake. He doesn't want to hear anything. Retired and watches the Stupid Tube for hours on end. I'm hoping to move into 5D without him and be free of his controll. Also not the only one asking this question, do our animals come with us in 5D? I sure love my dogs and horses. Again Love you Linda and Thank you.

  • Video doesn't play

    never had this problem when actually logged into your site before, strange and stranger as the days go on

  • Good evening Linda, I just love Truman. I have tried to post comments on bluewaters bitchute, actually anyone on bitchute and they all say Im blocked from commenting. Ive commented 2xs in 3 years. Strange. I would be very grateful if you could ask, Why are people vanishing from National Parks?  Not just here but other countries to. David Paulides has been investigating this mystery for many years. Hes written 8 or 10 books (missing 411). The Federal govt is really sketchy over him requesting FIOAs.  Hes asked for a missing pesons list and hes told there isnt one!?!? Search and rescue teams k-9s  have NEVER picked up 1 scent. He is such a wonderful man with a loving heart. I would really like to give him an answer to solve this mystery. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you

  • Hey Linda: Been a  consistent fan and follower out of the gate- Just thought you should be aware that it is still very difficult to understand Chirtsian 21 nearly impossible. You may have become accustomed to him, but this New Yorker still misses most of it. Is there a remedy? Possibly he can speak slower? Anything would be a help - 

  • Hello Linda,

      I love your show and Christian 21.  Here is my question - I have never heard Christian talk about GOD. Does he believe GOD exist?

  • Great show. I heard from a scientist that opposite to the white light when you die is the dark, or purple. If you go in there you come back with full memory and karma free he says.

  • Why was this video cut short!!?? 

This reply was deleted.

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

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