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  • All of your links I click on using Tor, take me to Wordfence page stating my IP has been blocked.

    if I use Google it takes me to random website not related to your site such as Realtor sites, DIY, ECT.

    I am an old IT guy and it appears your website has been tagged in the system as a " False Site URL" . May want to consider using ghost URL's to trick the system.

    thank you..look forward to being able to view your content soon.


  • I can not get the sound to play. While reading the comments Troy had your link so I thought I would try that . There was sound from all videos . I think  ( they ) are messing with your audio. Love you much thank you for all you do 💖🙏

  • Those shape-shifting pieces of shit have been preying on us for a long time.

  • Linda Thank you! That short video of the shape shifters was amazing!!
     Do you still have the video of Susanna Hoffs and one of the Peterson sisters from the Bangles doing that promo interview in that newsroom studio. That one really freaks me out on a personal level. Thanks again Linda for All you do!!!     Ciao!


  • why  when i go to your news page... all the videos start playing at once... all sounds  from each video start to play  all together.

    this page.. 

    it blows my sub woofers  up soo loud... damm  fixx that tech issue .

    ps love ur show sassy

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    Holding the media and the system accountable. Proud Deplorable
  • Another Mind Blower! You know I think God had you in your former Career for a reason Linda so you could expose them on video like you do! WOW

  • Linda I was listening to this sweet John Denver song this morning and for some reason thought of you and your show, just wanted to share it w you and your listeners.  Sometimes the topics being discussed here are so dark that we forget to appreciate how wonderful it is to be able to communicate with others about them.  If ascension really is a thing (and I believe it is), people being able to connect with each other on the internet is probably an important step along the way, and you/we are making that happen.  Thank you.

    Poems, prayers, and Promises

This reply was deleted.

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

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