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There is suspicious activity going on at West Palm Beach Airport…

How does Hollywood commit crimes - on camera?!

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  • Good morning Linda,

    We Are the news now.

    I have a folder ofthe coercion of the charlie one nine bat crap.

    I have news papers, radio, legislators...

    I have a hospital where I witnessed a woman in that shaking fit.

    I saw a UCON student flat out on the floor after his jabbed.

    When I read the ad for VETS to get a free jab I went straight to the VFW to let them know they shoukd not have the clinic. The bartender asked if I was for it or against it, I said, "NO!" She said, :Me too." How could I live with myself if I just turn the cheek and went about business?

    I do not know the proer ediquette to ask if any of my family or friends who have died since last September have been jabbed. My gut says I already know the answer.

    I am trying to take down the schools, a big business and all the little ones I wrote about above, My computer is lame but I am hacking away too follow through and take them all down. 

    It is the element of surprise that wins the war. -Tsun Tsu My last semester in Humanities of my Masters of Fine Arts Degree was The Art of War. The element of surprise was the one thing that is burned into my brain. We painted a life to scale replica of Guernica for the finale.

    Peace be with you, Linda Too

  • Hey everybody I just discovered a new resource I really like it's called xtremerealitycheck.com - there is one video in particular I really liked that led me there, I'll link it below, omg I just dived into the "Planet X Nibiru" rabbit hole.  I have heard it but never really looked into it before, but it's a compelling theory - I probably can't explain it right, theory is that there's another planet, basically (or spacecraft, or are those the same thing) approaching earth, and that there are already elaborate systems in place to hide it from us - besides chemtrails and artificial clouds, they also have a "fake sun" in space that is synched to move exactly with the sun so that when the sun keeps getting "unexpectedly" eclipsed from this thing (anywhere from 3 hrs to 3 days has been allegedly already recorded), the fake sun makes us not notice it as much - there are tons of photo and video evidence of the fake sun thing, I know it sounds preposterous but... I live in Florida like Linda, the "sunshine state," I have lived all over Florida my whole life, and I swear the skies have been unusually blanketed with cloud cover, particularly for the past 2 years.  Chemtrails have been around way longer but I feel like they are more active, sometimes I wonder if it's either to hide aerial activity or is it related to the virus - is someone spraying us with virus, or with antecdote to the virus, or is it to protect us from radiation, or what, but I notice a distinct change in just the past couple years.  I also in just the past 2 years, I'm in the backyard, and something just seems surreal about the lighting situation, it's hard to explain, it's like... the greenery almost looks "fake," I feel like I'm in a terrarium or something, a fake environment, a holodeck where it's all artificial, even the grass and trees (the animals still seem real though, the birds and squirrels and my dog and myself).  I just thought maybe that was part of "the great awakening," maybe it IS all fake, maybe I'm finally grasping mentally that physical reality is a hologram, I don't know, but now that I see this stuff about the "fake sun," I seriously wonder if THAT is the explanation, like do things actually look slightly different and fake because at that time it's fake sun not real sun.  I do not get this "feeling" or whatever you want to call it at night, only during the day.  Is it fake sun?  Hmmm.  Also I thought about what is really coming that nothing can stop, that's going to be "biblical."  I mean at this point I'm not even sure I would call an ET "reveal" to actually be BIBLICAL, you know?  Pedophilia and trafficking and Epstein island and biological warfare and baphomets and... I mean I hope it all gets revealed but I'm not really convinced it will or that even any of that - even that politicians and Hollywood are satanic - I don't know if I would call a "reveal" on that to be like BIBLICAL.  But yknow what, to all of a sudden look up in the sky and see a huge planet (or spacecraft which I believe are the same thing) - many many many times larger than we've ever seen in the sky before - that we never even saw approaching because they hid it from us so well - now THAT would be "Biblical" in my opinion.  Anyway one of the reasons I mention it here is because in a recent video, Linda showed us an amazing clip of the power of sound waves - there was a video of somebody sprinkling graphite or some kind of black dust onto a metal plate and running different sound frequencies through the plate and it would cause the dust to make different geometric patterns.  Well there are people who actually look at sound frequencies of the earth itself who say it has changed drastically since I think 2014, and the Nibiru people say it has to do with Nibiru approaching, but regardless of the reason, whether it's Nibiru or something else, fact is that the earths vibration has changed drastically in recent years - think about that - if sound frequencies and vibrations can affect reality and the frequency of the earth itself changes... does that actually change what we call "reality."  Seems like the obvious answer is yes it does, it has to, right?  Mind blower.  Anyway keep going Linda we love you and your snark and are praying for your good health and success.


    • A lot of reasons why the BAD GUYS want to kill 2/3 of the planet. One and the main one is Niburu. They say when it comes close to earth , our planet will tip on it axis and create all kinds of destruction. The Zetas talk about it. The Khazarian Mafia Fake Jews who are doing all the killing with the vaccines and all the other stuff they use like chemtrails, chemicals in food, fluoride to make us stupid and compliant are part of the plan. Thing is, these stupid globalists think that they are going to get their Great Reset like they have gotten their way all these thousands of years..problem is, they won't. Their time of power is at an end ( God has decided enough is enough ) and they are on their way out..there is ONLY ONE TIMELINE  now and THEY ARE NOT IN IT.. we THE PEOPLE are going to win with the help of the White Hats, the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Federation of Worlds, good aliens that have been helping the White Hats and Space X to get rid of the demonic globalist. In fact, this is the first year that, if you pay attention, you can see a lot of developments happening everywhere to that goal... the indictments of the Deep State offenders ( might be their doubles ) the real ones are dead already and the change of the guards so to speak, the removal of the Biden Crime family, Kamala and most of the bad guy politicians I am sure Linda has told you all this I am just reiterating..there is a light at the end of the tunnel..do not live in fear , live in love and compassion and bring light to this awesome planet.

    • Thank you Nobodys fool, I have been watching nonstop and learning so much.

    • Oh and also "watch the water."  If another celestial body of large size were approaching, or regardless, even if it isn't, if things are changing dramatically with the earths vibration, or whatever - will we see something really bizarre happen with the tides, or like, will bodies of water all of a sudden start showing us different geometric patterns like in Linda's video with the sound waves?  Now THAT could also in my mind be considered "Biblical."  A true shocker for every person on earth, whether you're "awake" or a sheep, EVERYone (but obviously "awake" people and people with strong faith in God will probably handle it better than others), everyone at once worldwide witnessing something so outside our current concepts of physical reality... THAT would be "Biblical."  And I would also venture to guess that if something like that is approaching, surely "Nothing can stop it."  And while we get mad about nothing happening with the 2020 election fraud thing, I mean, if you were juggling priorities and you knew this huge change in physical reality or whatever is coming, does it matter who sits in the White House right now?  Of course not.  Not at the top of the priority list.  Priority is trying to get enough people awake and spiritual enough to be able to handle whatever is coming that can't be stopped.  Also, obviously, timing is not really in anyone's control... something is coming, they know it, they probably even know exactly WHEN it's coming, but they don't get to decide when.  And if they tell us in advance then it totally ruins the surprise, that's part of what's supposed to happen to wake us up.  And yes I mean us, all of us, even those of us who consider ourselves to be "awake," we're still all fumbling around for answers and the truth - I think the truth is going to shock even those of us who think we are "awake."  Anyway, I also wonder if "watch the water" is related.

    • And "10 days of darkness."  10-day eclipse of the sun?  Caused by a ginormous celestial body of some sort moving in-between the sun and earth?  Biblical.  Near death experience.  And the white hats hack the fake sun and turn it off so we actually see for the first time what's really going on?  "When the lights go out rest assured we are in control" or something like that.  Ok I'll stop now but as you can see my mind is racing with the idea that this Nibiru thing is part of what Q is trying to tell us.

    • Ok ok just one more thought and then I'll stop.  If a celestial body WERE moving in on us like this, getting ready to park itself right next to us, close enough for us to all see it with our naked eyes, I don't think it would necessarily be as obvious to us as you would think.  We can't really see the planets in the daytime, they're not stars, they don't emit their own light, sometimes we can see them with the naked eye at night just barely, if they are close enough and are reflecting light from the sun they look like stars, but I think it would be possible for something like a planet to be practically right next to us without us even noticing it with the naked eye, it would look so hazy through our atmosphere that maybe some fake cloud cover at the right places and times would be enough to totally hide it.  IF there was some way to mask it at certain times in certain places with fake cloud cover (which we know is possible), and also IF they had a way to hide/ mask the "unexpected"/unscheduled eclipses of the sun, which, if you look into this "fake sun" idea also seems very possible.  There are photos of people building it, or something that seems a lot like it, with no other explanation for what they are building, and also a lot of photos that seem to support it, seems believable to me.  Also there are relatively recent reports of "unexpected" eclipses - one lasted for 3 days - how could that be possible?  Why do all the ancient cultures seem to have a pretty good understanding of astronomy, and the timing of celestial events and bodies - is that so they would KNOW when something abnormal like this Nibiru thing is happening, because they had seen something like that before and they knew to pay attention to the movement of the heavens for that reason?  I really think this idea is POSSIBLY true, and if it is, it's definitely part of what Q was trying to tell us.  Perhaps that's combined with all the geopolitical stuff because there's more to it, maybe the Nibiru ETs are working with either the white hats, the cabal, or God, who knows, or maybe to just open our eyes to just how blind and tricked we can be and have been, so when this other thing happens we don't lose our minds.  But I really think this could be PART of what Q was trying to tell us.

    1. Unimaginable Evil. I'll share it with my contacts hoping it will shock them awake.
    2. Sunday serenade for you:  


  • Hi, Linda.  :-)  Where's Sarge?


  • Thanks, Linda, for all you do.

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