Who is Lucifer?

In this episode, something dating back to February 1896 about Lucifer and Luciferianism. This is very interesting.

What’s even interesting is an excerpt of how he says he is showing himself to his believers!

This article may date back many, many years ago… With what’s going right now, it’s more relevant than ever.

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  • I have been listening to you for a year now. I really love your style and personality. Keep up the good work.

  • I always thought they were both Coumosexuals.

  • I think they are telling us that Biden is an actor in a mask; I may have related the following before, but I visited afriend who was a TV addict and watching a UK sitcom called, I think,"Not going out,staying in" the male lead role wanted to impersonate an elder man, he wore a very realistic mask that made him look the spitting image of Creepy Joe.

  • Everyone needs to check out CYM corporation. It's an ADRENOCHROME corporation, located all over the world.

  • That article you read was something else! We are surrounded by Masonic everything where we live and we live practically in the middle of nowhere. Creepy, cringy. Hey, SGT has put out Part 1 of 2 of his interview with Mel K.  It is amazing. Stuff we know a few things I did not know in Part 1. Two is not out yet. 

  • "Fame Fagging Daughter"  what a snarky expression.  I had a grandpa who was 32nd degree Mason, he was a businessman, this was a connection place for him to meet   He never spoke of it to the family, was a great grandfather to all his grandchildren. When over age 70 he tended to ignore his lodge.  Many years later when in his 80s he died and a group of Masonic men care to give tribute to him at the funeral home viewing


    .  They stood shoulder to shoulder and recited a short prepared talk that did not remind me at all as anything related to a religion.  I was a child then, but what I recall was that the bottom line of the short recitral of Masonic words was "dead is dead". 

  • I have all my life sought a snarky woman like yourself to share my Kingdom !  I am sending the airline ticket - I shall meet  you at Alicante airport, Spain !  Yes, I am a lizard person, but one of the good Draconians.  You will know how good I am !

  • WOW LAURA INGRAHAM third thumbnail from our right top row... check out her left eye. I remember seeing this on video when her eye did one of those reptilian roll overs... Will be interesting to see who are all retiles when they are all revealed

  • Where Is Whoopi Goldberg? 'The View' Fans Are Starting to Get Worried About Her

    Joy Behar says she's sick, but won't say when she's coming back.

    • read somr fear about kobie?


This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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