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  • Linda, did you hear what happened to a man who went to Vote. He was told that the internet was down, so he wasn't allowed to Vote??? I don't get that!

    Also I heard Christian 21, yelling at his x wife. What came out of his mouth was unbelievable. I can't even repeat what he said..I'm sorry but I'm done with him!

  • Thanks for the video Linda! Sorry to hear about your poor tooth! I just lost a molar to a crown and it feels awful. It will be lots better after work is done.

    I wonder if the sky event is the eclipse on April 8th. Also the Ancient Traveler comet is passing through on same day! Mercury, Venus and Saturn to be visible. I'm not counting in it though.

    Those pictures were startling to see as a group! Hollyweird for sure! Seem like clones to me.
    I am clearing out bric a brac I don't need and haven't bought any in years.

    I mostly enjoy seeing some truth in a day, discerning what the hay is going on sky wise, like the color and size of the sun, moon orbit and where they belong.

    Definitely voting in person this year. Last time I stood in a line for an hour with a torn acl and swollen leg so nothing will stop me from voting again.

  • Thank You,  Linda ...

  • I love you Linda! Always!  Thank you for it all. I miss your old music that had a Jewish sound. It was fun! 

    Sorry for your tooth. Been there... 🤓 good luck! 

  • I have more faith in humanity than to think people will kill themselves over hearing the truth LOL. They will either accept it or deny it. Its gonna hurt all of our egos when we learn how we've been played but so what.

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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