Did Trump play the “secret tribunal” card that was set up by Obama in 2016?

Many Cabal members already tried in Saudi Arabia before facing justice here?

We go to CEMEX - it’s more important than you know.

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  • A little BOOM about DeSanctimonius within this video... At 1:09:50  ... https://www.bitchute.com/video/tlT8w2ZlI4Y6/

    Whistleblower Sasha Latypova - It’s Not a Vaccine!
    • Thank you for posting this link. I will share it with my email contacts and hope they will watch it

    • You are very welcome ... 

  • Oh boy do I uave scoop for you regarding CEMEX, Epstein, Branson, Bezos, and their shenanegans. I am not sure if I am commenting or emailing you at this point, but I had tried to email at your your snarky address, and it failed to send. All I can say is it is right in our face, yet it has been overlooked by many including me, and Ive been with you from the beginning. Doesn''t 17 say "how many coincidences before being mathematically impossible"? Coincidence after coincidence and many more. 

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  • He also had a Broward County election fraud case (RINO cheating) handed to him on a silver platter but he let the clock run out without pursuing it. He also comes across as kind of a goofball when he's impromptu - he only sounds good on pre-polished speeches. At best, he's no DJT. At worst, he might be a RINO.  Either way he seems like an opportunist who has been trying to ride the MAGA wave. For awhile I thought the division between them was a ruse to flush out anti-Trump republicans but at this point pretty sure it's real.

    • There is a lot of dirt coming out about DeSantis. Trump called him out and many of us went right to researching him. DeSantis IS a RINO and is being backed by RINOs and that is just the beginning. I have so much more on him. And so many questions that people need to ask themselves. He is definitely a deep state Trojan horse to try and divide the MAGA movement. 

    • I'm thinking the same. I guess we will have to see how it plays out.  After trusting Pence I question any of them. 


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The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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