Sarge gave me a scare!

I might be a victim of a joke.

Have you heard of the Big Mac suicides?

You’ve heard McDonald’s stories - I’m sure of that..

This one is different.

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  • Linda I was recently at VA Beach and on the radio the Talking Head said to go to McDonalds they are giving out shots and he was serious and then he said but not all McDonalds were particpating and then he said so don't just let any crazy clown come at you with a needle! OMG that has to be part of the movie! WHATTTTTT??????

  • I have loved listening to you for at least 4 years. Thank you for everything you do.

  • Jesus tells us that lawyers have taken what is lawful and made it unlawful, and what is unlawful lawful.

  • Oh, my gosh! I love Sarge! Laughter is truly the best medicine. Sarge's laughter is so contagious!

  • Sarge: I also had a wonderful English teacher who could be completely distracted by a leading question and was a wonderful story teller...I love him to this day and I still don't know what a complicated 'prepreposition' (sic) might be...but I learned good basic English.  The eventual content of my letters when needed has been and is up to me and I seem to have an ability to write 'stonkers' when needed.

    Linda: I grew up in the 60's/70's and when we went to stay with Grandpa in the summer holidays he subscribed to Readers' Digest. Never forgotton 'Laughter is the Best Medicine'. Add to that the comedians we had in the UK in that time. You are so right about the efficacy of laughter. I am of your generation that takes the **** out of everything which is now demonised because too many snowflakes are too uneducated/brainwashed to 'get' humour and you have to be intelligent and strong for humour as opposed to look for offense. (Waaagh)

    Love to share a glas of wine or beer with you one day...we'd howl. Love from across the Pond.

    I LOVE your humour, Linda. 

  • Wasn't Bill Clinton filmed ordering Mc's  food many times?  It was satired on Saturday Night Live?

  • Honestly I'm grateful for y'all trying to help others. Thank you both for having such good hearts towards saving souls from the devils



  • I like them both and its their show so let them do it their way. Much love Sarge and Linda!! 

  • I prefer to hear Linda ...


This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

Click Here for the best way to get around the shenanigans >>

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