My friend Sarge is still with me in this episode. This is the 2nd part of our interview.

Are Reptilian hybrids running the world?

Was World War 2 an Adrenochrome harvest?

Who's in control?

Enjoy The SHOW!

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  • Linda, dear lady.  I have been a Bible Prophesy student for most of my life.  Almost 62 now.  I believe that we are living in the last days as written in the last chapter of the Bible.  A great awakening would be a blessing for the world but it must be an awakening to the return of Christ Jesus.  I know that the RAPTURE theory is controverisable but since age 3 I have experienced rapture dreams.  I believe that before the Anti-Christ is revealed the Church or BODY or BRIDE of Christ will be removed from the earth.  If you know about REVELATION it speaks of a time, the worst on the earth ever since the creation.  Billions of people will perish.  NOW is the time to get on the ARK of SALVATION through Christ our LORD!  There will be millions of people who will not take the mark of the beast and for their testimony for JESUS will be beheaded.  Scary times are coming.  Didn't Q or was it POTUS saying that it will be BIBLICAL?  I am still LEARNING, what is the GREAT DECEPTION that was written in the BIBLE!?  Well, we are finding out so much in these last days.  It's hard to believe anything anymore, so much disinfo.  My truth is what GOD says in HIS word, it's alive and cuts like a two edged sword.  I believe you are on a path for truth and I commend you for that.  Perhaps that is the purpose GOD has for your life.  I am praying for you dear lady.  Much love to you and Truman the dog.  God Bless you each and everyday!

    • I'm not taking the mark. Does that mean I'm goping to be beheaded?.i'm terrified.

    • Accept Jesus as your Lord and SAVIOR!   Believe on what HE did on the cross to save anyone who will beleive.  It's child like simple.  If you do this I believe you will be removed from this earth at the time of the RAPTURE which can happen at any moment!  It's so close!!  Check out Jack Hibbs, Tony Su, JD just to name a few.  Begin your walk with the LORD!  He will come into your heart and guide your footsteps during your walk.  HE says that HE will NEVER leave nor forsake you even unto death.  The thing people should be most afraid of is eternity in hell.  Once we pass through this life there is eternal life.  TWO ways to ETERNITY, hell or life with our Father who is in heaven.  Praying for you brother.  God gave us all a purpose for this life.  HE LOVES YOU and wants you to be in HIS ETERNAL family and to walk HIM daily.  I promise, HEAVEN is not going to be boring.  It is going to be so beautiful and amazing.  Just to look upon Jesus and our Heavenly Father will be beyond spectacular!  Maranatha!
  • I have a question that needs addressing. Of all the children rescued why have we not heard one angry statement from enraged parents demanding these people are exposed and dealt with publicly. But no,eveything has to be done secretively,like the people we are fighting against. Has anyone been saved? Are there any angry parents?Dose the "Aliance" think the public so psychologicaly frail that we cant face the truth? Did any of this even happen?Dose anyone care! I'm beginning to wonder.Maybe this is where reality breaks down. what do you think??

  • But The black hats cannot get past I think its 2045 in the in the timeline meaning there is no more looking glass finished Love ya Linda and Sarge!

  • Hi Linda and Sarge, My relative ,Sir Hubert Wilkins, opened up the commercial flight path across the north pole which enabled pilots to travel over it without the magnetic North disrupting their instruments. He was financed by Howard Hughes. He and his wife's ashes were scattered over the North pole. He also piloted a submarine under the ice cap The Nautalis, but it was sabotaged. Luckily the crew survived. He was a war Photographer and adventurer. He recieved a TickerTape Parade in New York and was also knighted by the Queen. He is mostly ignored in his home of Australia because he spoke out about the government's treament of aboriginal people.  There is a book called "The Last Explorer" by Simon Nasht. There's lots of stuff about the North pole and maps etc. Thanks for your interesting shows . 



    Please watch

    This sounds like the sitting up for the Tribulation plagues. WOW! A MUST WATCH!…
  • I always thought the kecksburg ufo was the Nazi Bell returning. It looked like an acorn!! I'd love to know was Maria Orsich in it? Where had she been? In Aldabaron?

  • Everyone should go to that website. That guy has done tons of research!! It's hard to accept. It took me about a year to wrap my mind around the Reptilian thing. Around early 2017, Q Mega Meme folder told me all kinds of things. Like that Bill Gates is a Lizard.

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  • About 2-3 years ago I watched some videos on YT made by young women who claimed to be half alien. There were 2 women with separate channels. They both had really big eyes, but looked mostly human. I don't know if their channels are still up.

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