Hillary wasn’t supposed to lose.

Had she won, they would have taken control over the world. They could have used the virus as a way to curb the world population.

There could have been something sinister going on and then blame it on Russia. There could have been a rift between China and Russia… and North Korea. When all of that happened, there could have been another World War…

… and you know what it means.

Scary as it may seem - fortunately Smelly Pants was booted out by Trump.

All these and more in this episode.

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  • I am 72 years old, not in the best of health and  want to share what happened to me nearly 50 years ago on Mt Lassen.  I was attending art school in San Francisco and lived in a flat with several other students.  Three of us, Marc, Mara and myself, decided one evening  to drive up to MT Lassen in the middle of the night and hike up the trail in the dark expecting to reach the top for sunrise. We left San Francisco after midnight and arrived at the traiihead a couple of hours later.  It was late May. It had been almost balmy in San Francisco.  There were still snowdrifts on the mountain and a frigid wind was whipping around.  We hiked up the Lassen with the beams from our flashlights bouncing off the snowy trail.  As we hiked we were getting colder and colder, we were shaking from the freezing wind.  We were not prepared for the chilly weather and soon became concerned about hypothermia  deciding to find a place that was sheltered from the wind. We found a large sheltering boulder off rhe trail and laid down next to it. I had just begin drifting off to sleep when I heard an electrical buzzing snapping sound.  I immeadiately become aware of three strange creatures around me.  I realised that I could sense what they were thinking.   The buzzing electrical sound happened again and I was snapped back to normal reality and could no longer see the creatures.  The buzzing sound happened again and I was back with the creatures.  This back and forth happened several times.  The creaturs were thin and gangly, they seemed to float above the ground.  They were pale green with lightly scaled skin. They had humanoid form but their hands were diffeent, not h aving as many fingers as we do.They were hairless.  One of the cretures was in charge.  One of the other creatures knelt down next to me and touched me,  placing the flat of his palm against the small of my back.  His hand felt very cold and it felt like he was pulling something thick and viscous out of my body.  He was chastised by the one in charge, apparently this was something. he was not suppossed to do.  I felt his sheepishness at being causght and reprimanded.  They were communicating telepathically and I was fascinated that I was able to pick up a general idea of their commmunications.  They did not seem evil or with bad intentions.  Several. years later I ran across info that Mt Lassen. had ben identifiied as haaving an. undergroun base. under it with an opening that was said to be about two thirds up the mountain which would have been   approximately where we were when wee decided to lie d own and shelter.

  • There are no off world aliens.  All they are, are fallen angels, demons, nephillium and mixed animal/angel


  • Am. A halfbreed because I'm RH-?


  • Opps, yes right Jack Parsons, sorry got the first name wrong, he was connected with Crowley

  •  Crowely didn't open the portal, Alan Parons did, he is tne name you are thinking of Off world vistors are working to close that portal. And yes Alan was killed.

  • Sarge, watch the movie "Dark Crystal" truth in that movie. 

  • Yep! It is only Q. The anons are just posting as far as I'm concerned. I follow Q.

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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