How many millions worth of gold do you think exists on Earth?

This is just one topic that is covered in this episode.

As promised, I have Sarge from ICONS and Gene Decode. We have very interesting topics to discuss - and this is just Part 1.

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  • I agree Abigail.  Gene's volume is too low and he is saying fasinating things but keeps getting cut off or talked over.  Still a great video though and enjoyed listening.

  • Please don't interrupt gene Decode while he's speaking he's the sh#t ... Wish I could listen to him all day ... His knowledge is so vast ... I learned about his childhood and it broke my heart ... I thank our creator that he is among us ... Thank you for your time and such valuable information ... 

  •  There's alot more people that's more than awake than you know. I've been a critical thinkers for a couple decades. I'm extremely observant and very sensitive to vibrations and frequency's all around me and from people. I know instantly when someone is lying, what kind of person they are, what kind of intentions they have, can they be trusted. Rarely do I come across any good hearted or trustworthy people in the area I live or my community. People have only been getting worse. Alot of my time is spent with my dog and I. I do have a few friends I've known since childhood and love them. Gradually I been seeing changes in them here and there that breaks my heart.

    No doubt there's a huge number of just asleep, then more waking up, now you see alot more awake but don't want to go any further, and lastly those forever free thinkers that have always questioned everything. Alot more than you know. Millions are not going to completely wake up in a short time and accept our fake lives we've always been living.  Everything has been a lie. It's too much to process. No reason to call them names. Liked or not, no matter how much you show or tell some people they will never wake up and always reject truth, that's a fact. That is reality, that is the world  mankind has only known. No matter how bad it is it's the only comfort or safety they know. You can't force them to believe what you do or anyone else for that matter.

  • Dear Adorable McAllister,

        Here are a couple of old tunes for you, but I need you to send me some links to a favourite song or piece of

    music so I can learn to play them for you on my lute in a month or so.

    Please note that I sent you the above link in an email this morning but it got returned undelivered. I email you at

    [email protected] Please email me at [email protected]  Thanks.

    Love, John (aka Mansville hermit)
    Digital troubadour, helping our White Hat citizen journalists disseminate Truth.


  • It's very difficult to watch this because it you have an interruption and have to pause it, when you come back it brings you back to the beginning and there is no way to dast forewad it

  • On the Gargoyle's see YouTube I AM Created videos on mud flood bodies.

  • Here's my screenshot. 8622499055?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • While I was watching this (just now) using M/E, the whole page blipped and said the site is down for maintenance, so I tried a different browser and... yeah, it's all good. Somebody STILL seems to be working against you. 

  • This was great! A big thank you to all 3 of you. The Quantum system works at the speed of light and can even surpass the speed of light. That is how they can see into the future. President Trump on film turned to Melania when he, Barron, and Melania stepped up to the podium the night he won the first election and said to her (paraphrasing) I can't believe we are here because of your computer. Melania is more special than any of us realize. I have known since childhood that none of this is real or it is only real because we believe it to be so. Everything exists right here right now. God gives us free will and wants us to succeed and be the best we can be because he loves us so much. He wants us to learn to love ourselves as much as he loves us. (I use "he" but the creator is beyond anything we can imagine. God bless and keep you all. Keep the faith and don't give up. "THE BEST IS YET TO COME".

  • The underworld I believe also has water that's piped in and that's the Real reason of a global water shortage. Not global warming. Now we may find out the real truth behind the catacombs. The bodies just keep stacking up. Someone had a video of the WH one night recently that showed activity of what appeared to be coffins wheeled out in the dark of night. Ty Linda for another great show. 

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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