My new friend from Canada joins me in this episode - Sandy Glaze.

We talk about hexes and charms, spells and modems! The world of inversion - probably the gay community does not know…

Humans are the true consciousness — we are IA, they are AI.

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    • Very interesting but dismal. 



  • So I ran across this really interesting video about INVERSIONS and “reptilians” that I think this crowd might also find very interesting material.  I have never listened to this guy before and when I tried to visit his website it’s a real domain name but there’s nothing there (like a new website that hasn’t been published yet ) so I really have no clue/reference as far as the source or how trustworthy, but he SOUNDS like he is a devout Christian.   He basically says that ALL humans are the hybrid serpents, he uses a lot of scripture and architecture of the (evil) Vatican (serpents and goats and vagina/penis/ovary structures, depictions of angels falling into a vagina/portal) to illustrate his points that “the flesh” IS the serpent, this is what we were cast out of the garden into, like, because of choosing the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (when God said “then you will surely die”) that we are now like, well in reality we’re immortal angels and children of God but we were cast out here into the mortal “flesh,” or our serpent skins (our skin is indeed scaly under a microscope and there is a lot of stuff in the Bible that seems to say that “the flesh” is the enemy of the spirit), we’re even born “upside down” (head first down the birth canal) into this spiritually inverted world, a prison, removed from God, afraid of death… That in this world WE are actually the hybrids, the lizard people (eek!)… And since this world is like the upside-down inverted serpent-skin world, that in order to see the light/truth, and be “saved,” WE have to invert it, to see how it’s supposed to be.

    He says “We all are all spiritual beings, angels of God in heaven, who got birthed upside down onto the earth and locked inside inverted sinful bodies!   The only way out is to repent – turn 180 degrees back to the nature of where we came from – which occurs when we become spiritually reborn of Christ’s Holy Spirit!”  I mean it sounds like he is on the right side of things, right?   He goes on to say that the “keyhole” shape of the Vatican represents the lock on the prison and that Jesus basically unlocked the door for us but we still have to find Jesus or get “saved” to go through that door that he opened for us, to get out of the prison, otherwise we just keep getting sent back to it.   

    Then in the 2nd video on the page he does a “decode” of a couple of Chanel perfume commercials that are basically telling/showing this prison concept (you know how it seems like THEY are always trying to tell/show us the truth about awful stuff like eating people, are they also showing us that we are trapped here in our serpent skin prison?  Just NOT telling us the part about how to get out of it?) and he also goes into the formation of the zygote (the first cell of a fetus) to show how like, that cell represents “the prison,” “the serpent,” the serpent EYE, the football (or vagina) shape which is also one of their frequently used symbols of “the prison.”  I mean, it’s pretty damn interesting stuff.

    But I do have a concern is that it’s a message that’s somehow twisted to get ME to embrace death and inversions myself, which is what THEY do, right?  Is this like, exactly what they tell the freak baphomet people to get THEM “into” inversions?  Make them think that’s the path to being “saved?”  It’s like… I really think he’s on to something but is it truth or is it a complete inversion of the truth?  Which, even if it is, is also interesting to know, right?   Like is this what THEY believe?  Is this how indoctrination into THEIR inversion death-cult works?   

    I guess what I’m saying is at first I was like “wow this is great stuff on inversions” but part of me is also saying “wait, is this a treat or is it a trick?”  I guess I could use some help figuring this one out, I’m so confused right now.  I am just a baby Christian I just started studying the scriptures a few years ago as well as doing a lot of other truth-seeking, that’s what brought me HERE.  But this one has me kind of flummoxed.  If inverting things BACK is the key to being “saved,” I guess I’m very confused because I don’t really WANT to invert things, that seems bad/wrong to me, and even if it is correct that we HAVE to invert things to see the truth (because we’re living in the upside down world) I really am not sure at all about how to go about doing that.  Very confusing.

    If anybody else out there trying to figure out the “inversion” stuff and/or being “saved” has any input or feedback on this I would appreciate knowing what you think of this thank you and God bless (and of course I will also be praying on this myself to see if that brings me any additional insight)

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    • Why do we use the cross as a symbol?  Do we worship the symbolism?



    • Good question.  I always thought that if Jesus ever returned, last thing on Earth he would ever want to see is a crucifix.

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