HEY EVERYONE! I DELETED this video and you can read the explanation (in the comments) below. THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR KIND WORDS AND YOUR SUPPORT! LOVE...Linda and Truman


Well, good evening everyone. I've done this short video right because it has come to my attention that Dustin Nemos has made a video kind of attacking Jean who I have on my show and I'm responding to this.



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  • Hey Linda; appreciate your work.  Do you by chance have a P.O. box or something to send a donation for those of us who are leery of paypal. 


  • I don't come here as often as I could, but I am here whenever I can be! Linda is doing a great job here giving us the snarky truth! When I come I go directly to my browser to log in that way I can bypass my email! Thank you Linda for your wisdom and for giving us this site so we can hear the truth about what is going on out there in the craziness! 👍

  • Omar seems to think she is creating her own little Muslim country here does she really think she matters to us! The posse is what soros and obama have brought them here for their little presto chango ideology project! They don't understand that Americans don't back down that easily! 

  • Hi HARRY & MS PIP!!!

    I so appreaciate your support in this! THANK YOU so very much for your continued support.

    It came to my attention that Dustin had teken his video DOWN, so I took my response down, but I have learned a valuable lesson through all of this.

    I still don't understand why he felt the need to mock one of my favorite guests and belittle my research and try to discredit me, after I did so much to help him with his company.

    Only HE has the answer to that question. Needless to say I have cut all ties with him, and am still reeling from this...




     the support that my subscribers have given me has been outstanding!!! 

    I know that some of the information we are talking about is "HARD TO SWALLOW" but I remain 

    strong in my opinion that we are to pursue such things EXACTLY for this reason!

    I am so lucky to have people like you guys watching my videos...


    a THOUSAND THANKS to you both!


    And Truman says Thank you too! 

    Much LOVE...


    Linda and Trummy! 

  • O Deplorable Enlightened One,

    O Snarky Esoteric  Artful  One,

    Never no no nano doubt that Gene is steadfast and unshakable in His Learning and Lore!  O Likewise L.J.P. no no nano doubts about McAllister TV Vision is situated in Truthfulness!  Cool Poised Bright & Beautiful As Enlightened As The Sun In The sky.  Ay do aspire and admire Your Fearsome Loyalty & Courageousness. As it is manifested; (so don't drop Your sponsor dangit! ) Soo rare in Our paradoxical ephemeral earthly cosmic realm is You. 0f El Dustin [forgive him] His conventional so-called normalcy disconcertion; it's like my brother, my cousin, my nephew & old friends viz.,guys willfully avoid spiritual vision. Which results in a small fund of knowledge. My brotherman ...caution their reason in that Pragmatic School 0f Jazz Thoughtlessness! Because if`n they can't see the criminal demonic at work-its not real to their fragile eggshell-shaped minds blind eye! Thus, with the Universe in Revolutions by choice they remain under illusion - not wishing to see things as they are. Most unfortunately!  As for me mon; McAllister TV is my muse, ay Ain't no Tired of hearing You Talk the talk! Ay luv listening to Your voice, because at never learn Whenever ay speak! As always All Peace All Peace!

  • I sent a twitter msg forwarding this rant.  Epic.  You touched on every subject I've been researching the past 15 years.  Love your videos.  You rock.  New to subscribing and donating but will after this truth bomb.   People need to hear this.

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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