Swiss templars, skull and bones, alien alphabet, strange space balls.

These are a few of the things we will cover in this episode. 

Ancient templar foundry, originall skull abnormalities, bizarre Templar artowrk.

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  • Thanks for another eye opening video! Sean Ross video was great., I was rather nervous for him to get away from there! I'm guessing the video is older though. I really enjoyed listening to him.

  • Go to Rumble to Qbits, click on the dog, and watch The Gig Is Up! Lots of true intel. He is a Good Dog!

    Thanks for all you do Linda.

  • Thank You,  Linda ... It's been a while since I've watched a Sean Ross video.  Regarding the WB Warner Bros. logo on the gate ... I don't believe that it means Warner Bros ... It might be some ancient representation concerning their origins ... Integrating Hollywood would not have been difficult for the Khazarians.  Also,  I remember a Sean Ross video where he discussed the taking of his son and his emotional pain ... knowing that his son had been sacrificed.   Again,  Thank You, Linda ...  

  • This is what our history books say about the knights Templar.  During the Crusades, the Templars made a lot of money and they were close to the Catholic church and made payments to that church.  After the Crusades the Church decided to steal the Templars' gold and other riches.  The Templars business was run like a bank, so I can very well see the Templars were Khazarian jews.  When the Vatican decided to steal their wealth, it made up lies about the TEMPLARS being evil and paid the population for information about where to find the Templars who had scattered to the wind once they knew they were on a hit list.  The Templars were hunted down, captured, and died very torturous deaths at the hands of the Catholic church.  The Pope accused Templars of stealing from the Vatican, but it was all lies.  The church saw Templars getting rich while the Vatican didn't have all that much like today! The Catholics believed that they were all dead as sworn by the Vatican, or so the Church claimed.

    • I heard we have all the gold now in a video.


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