Reptilian soul sucking rituals.  White hat "chemtrails" are making it so reptilians can't breathe.

When they sign the dotted line, they're f*cked.

Greys escort demons through portals.  Demons manifest as black dust. 

Dinosaurs were created for food.  The list of shockers for the 78% is endless.

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  • I think that these reptillians /whatever entity are speaking to C21 but they mix lies in with truths, nothing new under the "greater light".  These evil reptilians don't want anyone to know that there is Yahweh God and He is in control and their days are numbered.  Why doesn't C21 ever speak of God the heavenly Father? Perhaps he didn't have that upbringing and now these reptiles tell him half truths.  They tell C21 that we will ascend into 5 D, that has to be a lie, we ascend to live with Christ when this body dies we immediately go to either light= live with Christ or dark= go to hell.  The bible has not been totally corrupted IMHO.

  • Every time I see this video clip, I can't help but think of Cindy Williams, the actress who played Shirley on Laverne and Shirley. She looks just like her! I know...I'm weird.

  • Linda,

      Hey Dar, did you know that you are a reptilian?  So am I and so is every "human" in their human"meat bodies."  yes,the reptilians designed the Human body and when they did so they put part of them in us!

      Have you ever heard of the "Reptilian Brain?"  It is the Medula Omlongata (don't think that I spelled it correctly?!) that sits insie the human skull at the top of the spine and the base f the neck (from behind).

      This is true and I have been to Balmoral Castle in reland before but not as any secret society member (although I belong to 3 of them... really only 1).  I went there as a tourist with my famiy.  I am Christ centered though and George H.W. Bush (Bush Sr.- The Loser) tried to have my assignated when I was only 16 yearsold.  Well, he failed andI survived,although I did end up breaking my neck and sufferring a spinalcord injury.  Doctors told me "You'll never walk again."  However, they were wrong as well!  In fact I do walk with a walker or a cane.  MKL

    • Get your money back from that tour company because Balmoral isn't in Ireland.Somthing ain't right there.

  • That C21 told Linda that this Earth is the 5D one.  That we won't have any roads. We will have sidewalks though.  I do hope that we all ascend up with Bluewater. Linda and  C21 & Laura. Wish it would hurry up and happen to us all.


  • Thank you for this one, Linda!! I totally appreciate all you do❤️

  • Linda, will this Earth be the Earth that we stay on, and if so, will we have the same things then as we have now in our homes?  I'm an artist, and I have a load of supplies.  Does everything just disappear?  Honestly, I'm not greedy, nor do I covet anything owned by others.  So, does wanting my art supplies around me a greedy thing or not?

    Thanks for the video, Christian and Linda!

  • Not to mention that just about every character in entertainment is some kind of a likeable criminal( who just can't control their libido).

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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