We have more clips from James Rink on Duper Soldier Talk and other sources!

They’re documenting military bases and interactions with alien species. These are all hidden from us.

Even the DUMBS are funded by “bankers” and “banking families”!

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  • Linda, You've caused me to become a crazy person. You know that even on these Patriot websites we men are inundated with pictures of alluring women...till I look closer.....and now I see men's jawbones and shoulders on what I used to see as large breasted, beautiful women. It's quite disconcerting. (Apologies that my comment has NOTHING to do with today's post.)

  • James Rink is really a great interviewer.  Everything about him totally adds credibility for me to his story and the super soldier thing in general.  The kinds of questions he asks people about their memories - like "do you remember what kind of uniform you were wearing" etc. - are exactly the kinds of things to ask both to help the person having the memory pull out a little more detail, and also to try to piece it all together like, exactly who they might have been working for or with.  I'm not going to lie, some of the people he interviews sound like they MIGHT be a little bit "crazy," but then again I would be crazy too if the things they're saying happened to them actually happened to me.  If it's true what these people are saying, and I believe it is, these people have had their minds and their bodies and their entire lives seriously messed with.  I think if all that happened to me I might be pushing a shopping cart full of garbage mumbling to myself for the rest of my life.  But Rink doesn't let it phase him at all if the person seems a bit off or scattered, he gives them and what they're saying 100% respect and attention, he helps keep the interview on track but at the same time sits back and listens enough to let some things come out that might not otherwise.  I can tell when he makes notes it's actually like, some kind of information you could check into further... he is just really good at what he is doing.  Seems like quite a young man too but mature way beyond his young-looking years (which also lends credibility for me.  This is not just some kid running down a strange rabbit hole.). Anyone who has an open enough mind to be listening to Linda NEEDS to go look at the super soldier stuff too, particularly James Rink interviewing people, it will blow your mind.

  • Happy Yuletide Greetings, Linda! -32C here this morning, It's a great morning to curl up in front of my PC and watch your broadcast. Thanks! Happy New Year


    I wish you had a list of which offworld creatures were benevolent and could be friends to us humans...

    And which ones are the nasties...who we need to kickass on !

    Could you make a blog list, Linda ?

    That would be a big help !

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

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