The Queen owns 1/6 of the planet. Reptiles own the world.

Draco reptilians.

Q posts coming into focus. 1901 newspapers.

Voovoo in Haiti.  Blood drinking fad in Paris. Child  sacrifice in the West indies.

We also have Christian21 updates and viewer mail.


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  • mail?

  • I know all about "IILITH". But I never knew she owned that much land. I find it very interesting that her Grandson was asking for money to buy a house in Canada! I guess she wasn't helping him??? Strange!

  • I have been watching Christians videos, just like your Linda. Your both great! The best Thruthers. Real Truthers. I'm having a hard time locating Blue Waters Channel? Can you send me a link? Thanks Linda..♥️♥️♥️



  • They thought they owned the earth but they never did there was way more powerful evil space beings that thought they owned this earth millions of years ago all the way up to now and all of them failed  and so will these so called elites in fact they have allready failed

  • One more observation that I have a need to get out... the Stargate Atlantis series has/had so much nobody really mentions nor compares.   The Draco and Grays with a twist = the Wraith in this series.  They "cull" humans on various planets, go into hybernation, and then resume after some time:    Pedo Jason Momoa is in this as well as a few notables.

    • Yes, everyone must watch this series! 

  • Love Love the movie reviews Linda.  Here's one Sy-fy series that you missed... (I've watched every Stargate, X-Files, anything in that genre until Starwars got shitty).   Helix   About a virus in Antarctica... people get black goo in their eyes ... highly creepy and off-the-chain when it comes to predictive programming.

    You were trying to remember the 1927 horror ... it was probably Nosforatu:

    Pilot - Helix: Pilot | IMDb
    Helix: Pilot
  • You are such an American Badass!!!  When they play that song when Trump walks through somewhere, I think of you as well!  Thank you for ALL you do!  You are GOLDEN!!!

  • Trudeau likes Haiti. Lately our govt. Have talked about Canada going to war with Haiti. Laura Silsby has been busy in Canada. There's pictures of trudeau with a young boy in Haiti looking very happy. There's only one reason  Canada would go to war with anyone in Haiti...attempted cover up. 

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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