I have more Christmas Q Mega-memes for you!

Listen to the story of a caller, Dem Turned Red on Beyond the Headlines! Was he dating a CIA witch?

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  • I throughly enjoy your news, commentaries, but Thomas annoys the hell outta me. I understand he maybe going through some things but it takes away from your light and funniness" Lottsa love and I'd like you to find another partner like Sarge who's consistent

  • I'm done with Thomas! He needs to take time to heal whatever he had inside that led him to becoming an alcoholic.


  • I totally agree with Kim Thomas is rude and always interrupts Linda constantly Maybe she knows he's a schill now He needs all the attention and Linda doesn't deserve THERE ARE SOME KIND OF PEOPLE ARE LIFE ENERGY SUCKER I THINK THAT DESCRIBES THOMASS!

  • I'm sorry, but Thomas is the rudest interviewer!  He always interrupts you and the guests on the phone at the key moments, losing the info we are waiting for, and ruining the flow.  He usually only pays half his attention to the show, but the other half he is looking for super chat donations which he calls out even if someone else is talking. I quit watching his show because it frustrates and infuriates me. I never watch him on your shows now either, this was the first time I've tried again in months, and there he goes, interrupting the guest (who is struggling with an emotional and very personal story) to basically rush him into telling the end of it, as if the guest is boring him or wasting his time!  Ugh! I will try to watch the rest of this tomorrow after I cool off a bit. I really think he means well, but frankly he's too old to keep getting away with this rude and ignorant behavior. It is basic manners that he is ignoring, and it ruins the show. Sorry.

    • I agree. Wish Linda would do them with someone else.

    • I finally watched the rest of this video this morning, and Thomas infuriated me within 2 minutes, but I hung in through the end. I love Linda, and will keep donating and following her, and after today I have even more respect for her than ever before. She is so genuinely kind and has a beautiful and compassionate spirit, and such social grace, that she is able to ignore the constant sabotage done by Rude Thomas, in order to sincerely interact with the guest, that it illustrates the two extreme opposite types of their personalities. If it wasn't for real, and it it didn't involve getting truth out and helping people, this episode would be a hilarious comedy, much funnier than SNL. But it is serious, and Thomas is disrespecting Linda, the guest, and the truth movement, by being so callously self indulgent and crude. I bet, as he rakes in money on HER SHOW, he doesn't even split it with her. 

  • Please post a link to Beyond the Headlines / TRU news cuz I can't find it and would like a follow up with the DTR guy.  TYVM!

  •  Christmas is a ritual kill of trees. Mass killing with overproduction of chemical ornaments. Which god is celebrated with extinction of trees?!?

  • We love ya, Linda !   LET THE SNARK FLOW !9874390494?profile=RESIZE_400x

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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