This is from Throwback Thursday where I show things that will refresh your mind! With so many things now making more sense, it is fitting to bring them all to you!

Like Q posts say… future proves past! We have so many of those instances. Don’t call it fake when it is still about to happen… and it has been proven many, many times!

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  • Hey Linda loved your show about the blood diamonds! It's nuts how all this crazy ass evil crap it just keeps coming out! thease sick ass people / lizards! Men are women and women are men lol you just can't make this crap up lol It's the best frickin movie I have ever seen! How can anyone watch tv right now???

    I did go down that rabbit hole and found time travel and Nicolas Tesla, I have copy's of Trump meeting future Trump. It's so great to see someone else talking about Mars we have planes/ships right now that fly and go under water and also go to space too! It's really cool! 

    So basically I have learned in 1 year that we have been lied to! There are 13 blood line family that are alien and stay human with Adrinachrome death destruction, sadness, devistation, murder, rape, torture etc! They eat humans make shoes, jewelry, put it dead babies and human in our food and God only knows what else?? they own, some military, religion, politics, goverment, tv, Hollywood, big teck etc!

    We have cities below us or did and just 1 of them alone  had 50 million people / creatures under Antarctica!!

    So here is the good news on Valentine's Day I was led to look up The Trump Family Tree! Well it got very interesting because there is a lot of Christ in that family and what a family they are! So know that God has a plan because this to big for just the military and Q! Everyone will know soon that God had his hand on saving our world! Trust the plan and the best is yet to come!😁 I also found John F Kennedy Junior and Carolyn Bassett daughter who everyone loves and is part of Q😁fun fun fun! Who can sleep right now lol

    Everything has been a lie and it's up to us to find a way to help people in this journey right now:) I have you guys because my husband is asleep but that's due to serving 22 years in military I get it:) I have started to meet some great people! Like minded people:) it's been really great! Love and Hugs Dana Joy♥️

  • gad bless linda

  • Please turn your volume up so I don't have to hold my phone to my ear!

  • 😘❤👋

  • They had a lot of plastic surgery.  They were good looking at one time.

  • Meghan is a DUDE!

  • I have no proof (other than videos) that Trump was a Free Mason. However, once he made the 33rd degree & found out what was really going on, he turned. So, he knows a LOT more than we do. We're all still just guessing. And, THAT'S why they turned on him, they fear him. He's a wild card now. Remember, the media used to LOVE Trump. Let's not forget that he was one of JFK Jr's best friends, also. And, he was friends with NIxon. (which I believe needs a LOT more investigation...he was sacrificed, expendable, in my opinion). 

    However, it seems that no matter how much we know, how much we find out...NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. Killary's not even in jail. Obama's not in jail. Fauci's not in jail. Gates is not in jail. Comey's not in jail. Not Brennan or Clapper....I could go on & on, but what's the use? 

    I'm incredibly frustrated, pissed offf, & don't understand why these creatures are still allowed to prey upon our children....when WE KNOW.



  • Time almost here they will all be exposed! RetiredNavyWifeKCMO 🇺🇲⚓🙏❤

  • I think there is a good and bad Trump.  The bad one was part of the club and the good one was not.  It would explain a lot. I don't know the details but it is worth considering.

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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