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  • They are exposing this on this Second Season of AHS right now,the deal Eiesenhower made with Valiant Thor for Americans in exhange for Tech ,people being experimented on and inplanted with Aliens to create a Hybrid Race  and last night they exposed the underground tunnels in the WH!!!!!!! I believe the White Hats have control of this show now for Soft Disclosure! 

  • Your commercials are hilarious Linda lol,thank you for all your hard work!  

  • Best. Episode. Ever!  Bravo, Linda!  Great stuff here.  Thank you!

  • Hey Linda.You know Im one of "super"-soldier(like I said many times before,dont like the term).

    Im actually doing similar work,like you,but Im engaging them(reptilians),for Quite some time now and when I found one(and Im finding them all over the place(on yt mostly)),cause of censorship ,there are only THEM thats left there,that are still "going strong",untill I say Hello!)) to them and thats pretty scarry "hello!" for/to them...I presume..

    Recenly Im finding them,everywhere,they areright where I want them...

    Im also recording those videos,were I totally EXPOSE them and cause Im a super-soldier,I cant help it,Im all over them,like an animalmbut fully under controlle and after few minutes,of full-on battle,I "send" them,terminate them,sometimes even live(!),so people can SEE whats going on(not everyone can understand that theres a battle right in frnt their eyes,but most of people,SEe whats going on.

    If you want to see one of those fights/battles,check out the ,Age of Truth channel and find the video with that nasty old "guy",thats really bad reptilian and really strong reptilian and I fought him,live(!) on A.O.T.(yt),for everyone to SEE..So if you like,take a look,how I destroyed him,but first,I let him to "owercome" me,with his magic/negativity and suddenly from nowhere...Bam! Right in his pineal gland! And then,I disconnected both of his hearts(reptilians have 2 hearts(with no love inside,sadly.) ,one by one,but he was strong,really experienced/old and rel nasty,as you can imagine...But,after few minutse...I messed him up,so bad and I sent him,directly to Source,in to Recycle...

    Hes NO more.Nothing left,hes gone...

    And thats just one battle.Lately,there are s many like never before,but Im doing my best and they can do nothing,cause they are nothing,compared to Source!And thats the "secret"...

    Maybe I will sand you few videos,where their hollograms are disfunctional and almost not working and that really visible.

    One of them,is (believe it or not..) that Asian "lady" from FESIG channel,nasty egoistic reptilian that is so freaking hungry and empty of negative(you know from whom that negativity comes from...) energy,cause they are NOT getting what they need for Quite some time now...

    So,you see,similar work,buth of us and I want to say ;Thank You Linda,for everything youre doing,you have no idea how much you helped Humanity(in general),with your videos and thats what BRAVE Patriot really means...

    Your amazing Lightwarrior,Linda and people do appreciate you,more than youthink...

    Im here for You and if you need something,just ask,maybe I can help,you never know..Like Q always says;

    You know so much more than you think/know  and thats the Truth...So,if I can help,please,just say the word,no problem.We are ALL together in this and helping each other,thats a noble thing.

    Always ready to serve(Humanity)...


  • Awesome!! Thank you for all your hard work

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