POTUS turning point rally.

Is he setting the stage for tribunals?

He will "Obliterate" the Deep State.  These people are sick and tippy top.

DC will self-destruct.

De Santis is owned and controlled by the Deep State.

2020 election was bullshit.

Social Media makeover?

Hollywood meltdowns... the snake!

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  • Thank You,  Linda

    Al Wilson wrote the lyrics to "The Snake"

  • My family could use some help with the birth certificate freedom letters 

    Thanks for everything 

    Lisa Cordaro and family 

  • https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9mZWVkLnBvZGJlYW4uY29tL3...

    SGT report with Dustin Nemo's wow what insight he has really been hitting the hidden history books hard and sharing


    SGT Report’s The Propaganda Antidote - THEY’RE NOT HUMAN -- DUSTIN NEMOS
    Guess what? The enemies of humanity who prey on us and on our children are driven by a darkness and evil so all consuming that it can only inhabit th…
  • Seems like, according to the comments, no one else is getting an audio disruption during the video. It's every 3 to 4 seconds. No? Any one? It happened two videos ago as well. It's a bummer... but I still listen. I wonder why it's happening, to what seems to be only me? 

    • I'm getting it, too


  • Hey Linda, glad you got yourself an iphone again! I guess we had to show folks it does matter who and what you belueve in, even seeing through villification.

  • I have dealt with many people who use a lot of marajuana and I find they don't commit crimes at all. My main complaint is they don't do anything. They talk about doing things but they never get anything done. 

    • Its' a drug, period, but cannabis has helped many with pain and other issues. Eating it has a better effect than smoking it ever will. Marijuana has been changed over the years. The beneficial properties have been bred out, and the HIGH properties have been bred in. It does make humans mellow, for sure, and peaceful. But no worries about drunk driving, anger, fights, and mass shooters. On a side note, jalapeno peppers have been changed as well. They have become very MILD over the years, forcing consumers to buy more of them to have the same effect. cheers.

  • Thank you Linda!

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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