POTUS Rally decode.

The border has turned into “Silence of the Lambs" stuff.

Trump will stop WW3.

De Sanctus is gone. De Sanctimonious is a loser puppet.

Biden, most corrupt POTUS in history. 

They have the broken veil.

Were dinosaurs a cover for reptilians?

“We have a dumb son of a bitch for a president.”

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  • @I'm 

  • Hello Linda, thanks for what you do for us. I've been listening to you and others for yrs now. But I must tell you, I'm losing my steam! Just giving up on all of this! People say the same thing over and over. And nothing changes, nothing happens! I really wonder if this is ever going to change  Why has Trump promised so much, and we got so little. I'm just fed up with the waiting and waiting???

  • LJP!! 

    It pains me to tell everyone this, but I saw Trump going up on stage to be interviewed by Shawn, and when the two met on the way to the stage, they oth exchanged a classic, "Free Masonic hand shake"!!

    I saw a carry on bag at an airport conveyer belt in NYC, belonging to "Ivanka Trump" and on the ID tag next to her name it had 666  written on it with a black permenet marker!! I saw photos of Ivanka and Trump making the fee Masonic symbol, of a Mark Master Mason- 33rd degree!! Trump has properties he owns in NYC, where the address starts with 666 before the street itself! Every single president in history, has been a Free mason, now I understand that Washington tried to fight that whole Free Mason thig , but lost his battle with that and he too had to become a Free Mason as well!1I heard that anyone who works for SNL, maybe even appears as a guest or is the host for that  week, is required to be a free Mason as well! 

    Women that are required to become Free Masons,have a special organiztion just for them called, "Eastern Star"!! Joel Osteen is a 33rd degree Mason, and so is Victoria, his wife, and so is Victorias mother as well!! If Trump and his family are all high ranking Fee Masons, then what does that tell us? I shudder to think if Trump is like a Wof in sheeps Clothing, or an insider, like Alex Jones, or Controlled Oppossition??

    • It pains me to tell you that perhaps you need to read up on infiltration and strategy.

    • Hi, I'm also concerned with what you saw! Did u take a pic of her luggage? I really hope that that's not true. If it is we're in deep trouble..

  • Elijah Cook...doorman..

  • Thank You,  Linda ...

  • Biden hasn't looked like the man I knew for years. It must be strange for Jill to pretend..but if she doesn't comply, she would be dead also

  • Why do you call Biden a Dumb son of a bitch?  Do you think you could have stayed in politics as long as this very smart man?  Look at all he has done, it takes someone on genious level to accomplish what he has!  and just look at how cleverly he became President!  Look how many lives he saved with his polices during covid.  He is a humanitarian too, look at all the people he has let across the border to better their lives.  How has your life been made better?  You will own nothing, and be happy! Happy yet?  We should give him another four years if not, I am  sure before he is done, you will be so happy!  You won't have anything, but you will be happy.  Support Biden now, The most brilliant mastermind of this century.  All the great leaders of the past, like Hitler, Stalen,mau, gingus cohn and the rest will be right there with you.

    • So you don't look like an absolute idiot: Genghis Khan

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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