POTUS rally decode!

No, I am not talking about the fake president, I am talking about our dearly beloved President Donald Trump!

Remember Ellen DeGeneres and her pillows from Wayfair?

Also, Pam Anderson - she’s not who you think she is…

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  • Is the role of Joe Biden currently being played by BRUCE WILLIS?  When I saw the recent stories about Bruce Willis having aphasia (= dementia) I was struck by the facial similarity.  The eyes, mouth, nose, and cheek structure are very similar.  Kinda seems like Willis' head is bigger but the Biden head is pretty big... Thinking about his voice... I'm not convinced of it but I think it's a POSSIBLE match.  And suddenly we're told we won't be seeing Bruce Willis anymore because he got dementia.  I mean, if he WERE playing Biden, that would be the perfect and somewhat hilarious cover story for those who are in on the joke!


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  • Mr. E. is the best guy on transvestigation.  

  • The lamestream media is an extension of the Democratic Party (except for maybe FOX).

    • Nope Fox has been captured for a long time.  Martha MacCallum's FAKE focus groups prior to the election helped us to believe the public was fairly evenly divided between Trump and Biden.  Then on election night before votes even started rolling in she patronizingly explained to us like little children exactly how it was gonna go down - that it was going to LOOK like Trump was winning but then it would flip to Biden when the Mail-in ballot dumps started.  Then they called AZ irresponsibly early before polls even closed.  And afterwards had to fire their election experts.  Then Laura Ingraham condescendingly said Trump should concede, over and over.  There was a pretty shocking email leak between Hannity and then White House press Secretary and also Trumps legal counsel saying how he wanted "no more crazy talk" about election theft.  Almost sounds from the emails like he's actually telling THEM what to do.  Meanwhile every night on his show he's talking to the viewers about election theft.  Fox News is rotten.  They just hired Caitlin Jenner.  Not sure how or why they let Tucker say some of the things he does but Tucker doesn't know everything, either - he has stated publicly that anything countering the official narrative of 9-11 is "pure conspiracy theory."  Also an old pic of him hanging out w Jerry Garcia, who I believe had ties to the CIA.  Don't trust Fox News.  Never forget who tried to sell us the steal.

    • Like I said, MAYBE FOX.  i don't watch TV but I do see Tucker Carlson on videos.  I believe that Tucker is only allowed to say SO MUCH.  

  • LINDA...Trump said...

    "John Kerry talking about climate change...

    'The oceans are going to rise 1/100 of a % in 350 fucking years !'  Give me a damn break !"


  • Now that I took the time to actually look at Pam it's very obvious its a dude. Do their kids come out of a lab or are they selected from the trafficked children?

    • God only knows what these people do.  

  • Pamela Anderson is a little older than me and im 58. 

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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