POTUS assassination? Let’s talk about it - and address this issue.
How about we talk about Hilary Clinton wicked witch programming?!

The rituals…

Here’s a code word - HillBilly!

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  • Hi Linda...Thank you so much for sharing your research and intel with us, you are so appreciated ! As for Potus Trump...no worries, GOD is protecting him and his family. He was annointed by GOD for all this...and GOD's plan is falling into place on HIS time. These psychotic disgusting people are TOAST! lOVE YOU GIRL <3  Linda Phipps

  • What are you talking about? That was the actual Dr Oz. 

  • You know the Bible warns sgainst seeking out pshychics and mediums including tarot card readers. God despises them.

    • Don't let this Wilma Dawley  infect you, even if the Bible has been edited, and I'm convinced it has, it still says do not seek out  psychics, mediums, etc. You are correct and I hope Linda gets the message.

    • Buy Bull ... You are worshipping satan!

    • Unless you can read Hebrew, you've only read the book of lies. There are 777 books in the bible, not 66 like you were told by deceivers, so how much do you really know? You've been handed a bastardised version of Truth. YOU are going to be shocked when you find out who you've been praying to. Who WE are, and where WE really came from. Everything you were taught was a LIE! 

  • First of all thank you so much for all the important information you are sharing! 🙏🏼  

    When I saw the drawings in the video I was thinking about victims in Holland. Here is a link to a compilation of drawings.. 😱


    This video is a compilation of works by victims of (ritual) child abuse, 
    which can be found on the Twitter account
    @LisaLotgenoten - Lisa en Lotgenoten *Trigger Warning.

    ❤️🌷 from Holland
    Slachtoffers van (ritueel) kindermisbruik
    Deze video is een compilatie van werkstukken van slachtoffers van (ritueel) kindermisbruik, te vinden op het Twitteraccount @LisaLotgenoten - Lisa en…
  • https://youtu.be/zi2GL_9YzOw

    'You're just a snarky guy': Judge pokes fun at Johnny Depp lawyer, court erupts in laughter     about 16:00 minute mark    "snarkiness"

  • Linda I guess somebody doesn't want you to get this but I've watched you for five or six years however long we've been on this roller coaster ride and thanks to your humor I haven't lost my mind completely but anyway the reason why I am getting in on this conversation is to tell you I have certainty that there are only two kingdoms this is a battle and you know because you followed Q This is a battle of good versus evil this is not a joke this is not a game this is life or death for us us or them and that's sad to say but God is going to be the only one at this point that can come in and help us now back to the other point I've seen hell three times I've been delivered from demons twice it's real and it's scary and this was The Familiar spirit that was passed down through a masonic great-grandfather that's cast his third and fourth generation .that sucker demon  did not want to come out and the other one was witchcraft well pharmakeia means Witchcraft and pills Etc that's another form of Witchcraft so I'm speaking in this out of love because I know you'll underdtand don't go down that road witchcraft is a beeotch .it is very hard to break!!!  tarot cards Channer's mediums psychics horoscopes all the stuff that you're now starting to really get into,  it's intriguing because at this point  evil looks so close to good that people can't tell the difference . I'm not saying that this lady is bad Only God can judge her soul just like mine or yours but in the Bible they were called soothsayers or witches and they operate I'm SPEAKING from EXPERIENCE now they operate with FAMILIAR SPIRITS that goes 4 the psychic detectives to .it's not the DNA there talkin to its spirits that are still roaming the Earth because they were cast out of heaven .now am I saying this lady's evil and going to hell and she's lying to all of us ?? ABSOLUTELY NOT as I try not to judge anyone even the dumb asses because they're so fearful & fear can be paralyzing .people like to know what's going to happen but  I'm going toSAY U NEED NOBODY TO VERIFY YOU. TRUTH VERIFIES ITSELF TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA...for the dumbasses who say ""source source source they want your sources; well let them go find their own source!!!""  the people want to you watch you because you're a great journalist & funny as all get out  I remember the dancing hula dolls I mean I could go way back ...but I'm telling u FROM EXPERIENCE  AGAIN PLEASE  don't go down that road opening your spirit,  up to even watching it because like Mark Taylor said we have to stay off the enemy's radar and I'm not saying she's the enemy I'm saying she can be used by the enemy... I just found out one of my favorite PROPHETESS is a witch basically it was heartbreaking but I'm just saying you don't want to deal with witchcraft that is one hard demon to get delivered from it doesn't leave easy and  you even close your door that witch will come through the window and if you close your windows that witch will find a crack in the floor.... the enemy comes to steal kill and destroy !!! keep talking about your grandma who loved the Bible and who would never lie who made you go outside when your friend called and you didn't want to talk 👍  I remember everything i. There is stuff I don't I can't not contemplate it's too much for me like super soldiers I just don't watch  that video it's not because I don't love you it's because I can't comprehend that right now I'm dealing with my own problems I pray for them of course.  I pray for all of them especially pray for the children. Mine got kidnapped through CPS well my grandchildren 8 years ago but when I need you the most you're always here and I appreciate you for that I just wanted to tell you that they don't operate your DNA they operate the familiar spirits disembodied spirits. won't find a home until we allow them in and we can do that  knowingly or unknowingly I did it to rock music I mean hardcore heavy metal head banging devil music how mine started and I was 12 and believe me that devil told that Minister who was delivering me from it...:: she's mine you can't have her :: and whatever it was fought like hell to keep me and the second time was the Masonic curse that had been passed down through 33rd degree great great grandfather that I knew nothing about until I did a paper on him or on his fortune..well it's gone now because we don't want any of it ..I love the Lord Jesus I love people I love my Father God my Creator I love you I love Truman I love a lot of content creators that are speaking truth and keep doing what you're doing but if I had a little teeny teeny suggestion I'm not a troll I'm really a follower and really and appreciative viewer of yours... is back up on  the tarot and the Chanelers and keep being you ...bring the transvestigations back again anyting but don't open that door to Witchcraft cuz it's a bitch okay love you girl talk to you later give trim and a kiss for me melaku AKA salty

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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