Pizzagate is real!

Some people say it is a conspiracy - I’m here to tell you it is not! This episode will show you links to pizzagate - and children!

This is a special episode because I will revisit my past videos to get my point across - there’s a lizard out there and they shape-shift right before our eyes!

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  • Hi,Linda great show as always.  I'll keep this short. Ok the election was stolen,and we saw votes counted in Germany and China. Also videos of people on YT,FB and others destroying Trump votes and vans in the middle of the night with Biden votes. The cops,FBI and the DOJ didnt investigate,niether congress or the senate were interested.The the so called leader of the free world fell 3 times going up stairs and no one even twitched a muscle to help him(not that I care). For me that is where reality broke down. Any comments?? or does no-one truly give a fuck about it all.

  • Toomey's skin looks so...artifical. Looks like silicone.

  •  Also thank you for keeping this subject alive .. Children need rights from womb on..I truly believe this is the answer.. I went deep diving down an awful rabbit hole and saw poor little children with huge swolen black eyes and I trhought they were punched but ALL OF THEM? so I read on and as you said it is from the trauma of blut force from being sodomized I am talking about BABIES here people less then 2 until 4-5  Right now I want to throw up...These are babies from Hati and all around the globe. Thank you for keeping this subject alive. I was so upset that Edge of wonder removed them movie they had all about human trafficking as soon as Satan was back in oour white house ( sort of) allowed to control some things... interestingly all of his minions HATE children and ue and abuse them especially creepy joe My GOD here he is standing taking pictures with Senators, and sneeking his hand over a little 9 or 10 year olds chest as she squirms away and you can tell the enjoyment he is getting out of doing so in front of the Parents and Press..He makes me sooo sick I could just PUKE! anyway I LOVED PREIDENT TRUMP.. I DESPISE THIS PIECE OF CRAP who is pretending to be insane tripping etc..Or whoever is standing in for him his brother? but what they can NEVER do is save Hi soul IF he ever had one...I WANT OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP BACK AND OUR BEATIFUL TRUMP FAMILY! all the HARD work they did for us.. President Trump amazed me I LOVED HIM! he was the true ART OF THE DEAL! HE WAS GODS ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS... in order to fix us we need GEORGE WASHINGTON I said it online hundreds of times... and GOD LISTENED TO ME AND GRACED US AGAIN WITH GEORGE WASHINGTON ((((DONALD TRUMP)))) who actually WON and everyone knew it.. The person pulling Creepy Thinks he is president Joes strings,....IS NANCY PIGLOSI!!!!

  • Toomey's right ear is really wierd too. It looks like it dropped.

  • Hi Linda, I have always thought that Neal cavuto was a  Female to male. As Far as The other guy he may have had ugly real teeth so they placed fake teeth over his real teeth.. and as he is talking they are slipping .. You crack me up.. I Needed a good laugh..also I MISS MY REAL PRESIDENT TRUMP! THE MAN I VOTED FOR NOT ONCE BUT TWICE!!!!  I actually cry over the awful disgusting  thevery that took place...I really Love and Miss OUR AMAZING PRESIDENT AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE TRUTH TO COME OUT . ~T

  • cult of Saturn or movie lock and key or book of lokie or book of lucifer= Rome

  • Very well done Linda    much appreciated  keep up the great work

  • That was PA Senator Pat Toomey. A true RINO, but then really a reptile. Yeah.

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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