There is a dark side to Pinocchio - the book and the animated movie of a wooden boy whose nose gets longer when he lies!

Think “Pleasure Island”… think “old man and a boy.”

This is the Hollywood kid culture.

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  • I got stuck watching part of The Lion King in a dental chair. I couldn't believe how violent it was. For a Child's movie??? Unbelievable

  • I don't really remember ever watching Pinocchio or knowing the whole story of it... wow creepy!  Someone pointed out to me once, and since then I've always noticed it, that Disney movies almost always start out with the main character experiencing some kind of terrible trauma, like getting lost and/or otherwise losing their parents.

  • That is scary.  I never liked this movie as a kid and I never watched it through.  My daughter in laws family is totally into Disney and would not even conceive of this being so vile.  Merry Christmas all🙏  even though it has nothing to do w/Jesus' birth.  I think he was born around 9/11.

  • I bought LED christmas ligts as a temporary lightening. I managed one day from the frequencies. I can only stand like 15 minutes surrounded by that, before a headache. Good luck with decorated brain damage.. 
    One day, I was in a market lamps department, it looks fantastic, and it's not hot like before, but after 3 minutes I had strong headache, couldn't manage thoughts, and we worked about seven times through six digit number wire the poor man working there.. 

    Also, sometimes I have to turn off led in the bathroom while using toilet, it's amazing, how immediately whole body relaxes. 

    Stop mass christmas trees execution! It is a sacrifice for ancient god! Satanic ritual. We should plant a tree for Good God.

    • I'm no lover of the LED light spectrum either and I am totally with you on bathroom lighting - I always put dimmer switches in my bathrooms!  But do you remember what Christmas lights were like before LED?  They lights would get so hot they could burn you or start a fire, burn-out was always a problem, and they noticeably increased your electric bill, too.  I love what LED lighting has done for Christmas lights!  That's pretty interesting though that it gives you a headache.  Do fluorescent lights give you a headache?  Just curious.

  • It was Eisner and his jew budz who really turned up the pedo angle in Disney stuff back in the 90's.

  • I always hated this story. Same with Dumbo. They just seemed so dark to me even as a kid. They've been telling us their plans for a very long time. Thanks for ratting yourselves out cause now you're going down.

This reply was deleted.

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