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  • WE all have experienced the censorship coming from big tech and they will keep going until they are stopped. Appreciate all you do Linda and enjoy your snarky stuff. Just keep on and hopefully a new day and new dawn will take them down. One of my new haunts is Rumble and there I was pointed to Discord, for what it's worth. There, you can create your own server and  the promise is no censorship. Haven''t set it up yet, but I'm pretty sure we all need to be careful how we word things and a private network is the only solution that I can see. Love you and hang on!

  • Sorry you had this experience.   I am sure it is those computer elites doing it  to you.  My husband tells me "there are these people in their cubbies looking through his photos". They are snatching out those pics they like and leaving a black screen behind in between photos or patching them together to form a nice little video set to music of his random photos."  What can we do? 

    Don't worry,  I am finding this late and now I will move on to your more current video.


  • We ALL have days like that Linda, and it SUCKS!

    But we are ALL behind you, and we can wait. Your videos are WORTH waiting for.

    Love, Rosemary north of Toronto

  • Hi Linda so sorry for all the grief those draconian monsters have caused you not just now but in the past as well! You have the patients of a Saint! Your grandmother would be so proud of you 😊 there is much love for you in the ether that will always be there for you to tap into anytime you need a boost. Patriots everywhere stand with you my friend. Keep up the good fight  together we will win this 👍❤️

  • We do feel your pain Linda.  It sounds like more cowardly sabotage from the usual communist fith.   

    I had to pull off the road after hearing it yesterday and shut the damn radio off. Inauguration for the senile old fraud of the dead 1871 corporation is complete. President Trump proposed a new political party named the PATRIOT PARTY.

    After the shit show we were forced to endure during the four years, the GOP is dead as well and unworthy of any kind of support ever again. The moment Bonehead Biden swore the oath with malice and forethought to violate it, the legitimate civilian government ceased to exist. The penalty for High Treason under Our Original and Restored Republic is harsh and brutal for well-founded reasons. Belligerent, lawless and stupid Bolsheviks are worthy of it.

    During the interim of 'darkness', only the Loyal Military Communities and the Patriots in the private sector are Guardians of our Constitutional Republic now. The evil ones are hopelessly outnumbered by us, they know it and we are holding the line with a resolve too great for the cowardly enemy to comprehend.


  • Did you see this creep?   How appropriate for Pedo Biden and the cackling commie ho.

    Image may contain: 1 person, dancing, on stage and standing

    • GeeGee, GaGa had to be there, as she's a high priestess in their satanic cult; she took over and was "groomed" by mentor Abromovic. I find her singing our National Anthem fully disrespectful and disgusting, fully unworthy of any honor!

    • It looks like a man. maybe she is a man

  • VXR59MUJMhKaIrmMyGAC_20_f4828a09abdf04a21defb85d09b653d7_image_original.jpg

  • Oh Linda we feel for you! Yesterday, and probably every day until Trump comes back, was it real sucky day. Can a nice cup of tea crawl under the covers and forgot about it!

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