Christian21 creator diagram.

Who created the creator?

We also discuss the most protected place in the universe.

How many children has the Mike Spence demonic clone murdered?

Interesting -- how to make a clone?

Also in this episode, I have more channel updates for you.

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  • What created the environment in which Source evolved?  Christian says that everything is a hologram.  What?  I honestly think that the Positive ETs, who communicate these messages to Christian, do so at a most basic level so that a dumbed-down, society can follow and understand it.  I think that because of the high percentage of humans who still sleep.  It's all got to be for those who can't get their heads around the entire truth, because otherwise, we wouldn't have all these questions.  I have asked a few sleepers if they could simply be open to the possibility that everything is a lie.  Each one said "NO!"  It's as though they are so fearful that even thinking about any of it is too much for their psyche to handle.

  • "We're stuck in this dome situation." <---wow talk about the condensed version. You're the best and so beautiful and funny.


  • Hi all

    would someone be kind enough to give me Linda's P.O. or US Mail Box details, sometimes I see the info as podcast is loading, but it disappears by the time I get pen and paper. I'm in Australia

    Cheerss Tom

    PS despite being a subscriber videos won't play until I mess aaround going from browser to browser until I get one that will play the video. I've allowed Linda's sites in Firefox and Chrome but they won't play, I get "video not in a format that can be played"

  •  It does make sense what Christian 21 says.Even though it goes against everything that we think we know.

  • I watched Tory up until he passed, bless his soul!  Brave hero!  He died of an extremely advanced cancer and of course the dark gave it to him!  He looked so bad near the end!  

  • I would love to chat- thanks for your work!


    [email protected]


  • Hi Linda

    I believe that is a parasitic mind infestation that they are manipulating humanity to think like them, so we can create through our negative thinking, actions, speaking ( the word magic, swpells) what they want loosh to live on. All we would have to do is start to use a different language, encouraging others and do everything we can to uplift others, and make them feel good about themselves.  It has to be sincere. These Narcissitic-psychotic entities that we need to separate from, and not complying with anything they want. Do not play by the rules of the victim/perpetrator paradigm for them. We need to grow up and take responsibility of ourselves , so we will not be manipulated to do the bidding of these demonics servants of Satan/Snake. 

    I liked your analogy of the snake. But if Satan is the Snake and got punished by God to crawl on his belly for eternity, than it's understanable that the Snake/Satan is driven by vengance, and want to show God that he will ruin his perfect creation by severing our connections to him/her thus show how powerful he is. It's a sick narsicistic/demented sunken to very low level of consciousness thinking. He doesn't have any power only creating FEAR within us, and trick us to think like him. He does have his minions humans and others as well. He doesn't know what love is, nor emphaty, compassion, kindness, understanding, and all the other emotions that we humans have. So let cultivate in ourselves and in others those emotions that Satan/snake doesn't have. We are having the power to starve him, by not giving into our fears, jealaousy, greed, envy, the 7 dadly sins. 

    The way I begining to understand this creation and our part in it is : we'are souls and given part of the spark from the Infinite Whole Creator, we go out and through our experiences we gain understanding, and wisdom of what we want, what we do not care for, knowledge, according to our own uniques soul inprint and interests. In a way we all contribute with our life to the whole. When we live our bodies we give back our experiences our point of view what we experienced according how we perceived them in each incarnation. Thus the Infinite Whole Creator gains from our perspectives and experiences. On the other hand we are through many reincarnations also gaining knowledge, descernments, and wisdom, thus we are 'creators" in training. We are made in the Image of God.  The problem is that we got disconnected through DNA manipulations and other means from Source. In our deepest inner being that's what we are searching for. We want to be connected again. Just like we were in Paradise. I begining to suspect that the way to connect is to start to think, feel, act, speak from love, compassion, kindness toward any one who is crossing our paths. But never allow anyone to tell us that we're insignificant, sinful, bad, etc, bc, that's the lie that the negative forces trying to entrap us in. To create doubt in our mind. We are learning about boundaries ( at least I am) and the understanding how to be true to ourselves. It's not an esay task in this upside down, fake. artificial, superficial, and very wicked stimulation. As we see through it dough, the dark magic spell looses its power over us. I see a lot of positive in all of this. Do not worry about others, if we are busy behaving in the highest version of ourselves than we show the way how to do it for others. This is how we shine our light. This is how I see it, doesn't really matter everybody is contributing in their own way. The main thing is do not put down others, do not benefit from anybodies missfortune, do not behave according societies demands. Follow your own heart and what you think is the right thing to do. Deep inside we all know. Much love to all. 

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

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