Our friend Quincy Artichoke has posted something about the [D]s again.  One post particularly tells us about Smelly Pant’s people in DC and their darkest secrets.  It further goes into what these people are doing to win the election.  

Oh, yes, dark secrets.  Is Quincy talking about things that we know from the surface - like creatures and creatures that feed on humans?!

Quincy Artichoke mentioned ‘bribes, threat and blackmail’ - and yes, it is true!  The only people denying it are their media minions!

There are a whole lot of posts from Quincy Artichoke that we will talk about in this broadcast.

Going on to the Gateway Pundit, the [D]s also dominate the headline - and hey, I don’t mean it in a good way! But I will begin with the good ones - 

  • President Trump will NOT participate in the next debate after they changed format to VIRTUAL
  • Rush Limbaugh:  Trump to hold a virtual rally on his show
  • Biden stunned after Trump announces he will not participate in virtual debate
  • Pelosi plotting to removeTrump?  She tells the press they will talk about the 25th Amendment
  • Don't believe garbage polls:  Trump is Crushing Biden…
  • Telemundo deletes Twitter Poll following VP debate after Kamala gets CRUSHED by Pence 74% to 26%
  • Larry Johnson:  Democrats and Media to Trump:  No Peace and Die!


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The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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