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After today’s headlines there is the Long Island deep dive that began yesterday. The upshot of the whole deal was a message that was given to me. 

This person was letting me know that George Soros lives in Suffolk county and his wife who founded open society lives on quote The Island. Well she's talking about Shelter Island and Shelter Island is right here up here on the North Fork.

I wouldn't doubt there's underground tunnels. Also you can read about the freemasons that have been established up and down Long Island.

She talks about a shipwreck and many years ago there was, let's just call it an incident, involving maps to a shipwreck that had some emeralds.

So what she's talking about is they said they had to build a 30 million dollar cable between Greenport and Shelter Island so that they could go down there and get the emeralds and get all the gold and everything that was down there in the shipwreck.

She says that Soros's former wife who founded open society lives on the island where a thousand russian college graduate girls are lured and sold yearly as sex slaves. And this person talks about Ted Turner and Warren Buffett's boats being harbored on shelter island while George Soros's boat is too big and can only dock at greenport.

Watch for further details…

The report ends on a George Soros meme.

The Gateway Pundit headlines are: -

  • WARNING: Democrat Data Firm Says Trump Landslide Likely on Election Day – But will Be Flipped to Biden by Mail-In Votes Emerging a Week After Election
  • Biden Speaks Gibberish as He Tries to Call Out Trump: “Stop Your Boast About — Never Being — Seemed at You — You Can Do Anything” (VIDEO)
  • WATCH: Rioters Set Fires By Mayor’s Condo, He Still Refuses To Accept Federal Help (VIDEO)
  • “Lawless Criminals Terrorize Kenosha, and Joe Biden Takes a Knee” – New Trump Campaign Ad Running in Wisconsin is FIRE (VIDEO)
  • Media and Democrats Collude on GREATEST HOAX in History: Pushing Obviously Senile Man for President – The Most Powerful Position in the World Today! — VIDEO
  • ‘We Don’t See You That Often!’ – Reporter Calls Out Joe Biden For Hiding in His Basement and Running From Press (VIDEO)
  • Debate Moderators Announced for Presidential Debates — All Are Trump-Haters with Chris Wallace Being the Worst
  • Democrat Nevada Gov. Sisolak Caught on Video Having Dinner at Las Vegas Restaurant with Live Music – Claims He Did Nothing Wrong
  • SHOCK VIDEO: Pregnant Woman Arrested in Australia for Incitement after Encouraging Her Facebook Friends to Attend an Anti-Lockdown Rally
  • Here We Go… Kyle Rittenhouse Attorney Lin Wood to Sue Twitter After Account Suspended — Threatens to take CEO Jack Dorsey’s “A** Down”
  • Basement Biden Headed to Kenosha Tomorrow to Witness Aftermath of Leftist Riots – His First Visit to Wisconsin in 674 Days
  • Joe Biden Given Script Note Answers to Questions in TV Interview, Reads the “Topline Message” Part of the Talking Points Given by His Handlers (VIDEO)
  • Crackpot DC Task Force Deletes Page Where Leftists Recommend Removing, Renaming Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Franklin School
  • Wisconsin Leftist Protester Cries Like a Baby in Fetal Position after Police Catch Him with Flame Thrower, Smoke Grenades and Antifa Flag on Way to Riot


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  • Hi Linda Paris Mcallister,
    Jersey Jim in Florida here, again! I didn't think it would take you this long, or my having to join this group,
    but I did mention this on one of your other channels that, THE NAME IS GRIFFIN, KATHY GRIFFIN!
    "NOT" GRIFFITH! Love Ya! If you're gonna get arrested for "IDLE HOLLYWOOD THREATS" at least
    get her name right!
    P.S. Get yourself a BAIL BONDSMAN, JUST IN CASE! HAHAAHaHaHahahahahaha...............

  • O Deplorable Snarky girl, Beautified with the moon-locket of dazzling splendor on McAllister TV  the  embodiment of artistic activities . Now revealing the dualities in Our cosmic manifestation. 

    The Oblong Isle is the apocalypse of the psycho pseudo Elite molest. As They are Revaled - so They must Go.

  • Dual-Faced PelosiStein ;  according to Igor ; 'Born Form Below' & '0n the Down-low'  soo ; no no nano doubt about It! 

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