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Fed up Patriot mom shares libtard and drag queen stories - no!

Trust yourself.

Liberal loons are teaching our kids.

Female hormones in male meds, and male hormones in female meds?

What came first -- the Brat Doll or the Kardashians?

Teaching sex in schools? What's next?

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  • Revelation  11 11

  • The Liberation Of 304
    On the days that we need help the most, we long to recognize and decipher the daily signs that guide us through life.
    It can be anything really, like a smell, a billboard, a downloaded song, an email, or perhaps a clock with a recurring number.
    The recurring number at first was not deciphered, and it was interpreted as a bad sign.
    Jason always seemed to have a black cloud following him. He had horrible short-term luck, but his long-term luck would prove inexhaustible.
    In the days of beepers there were codes used in daily transmissions. Some of these codes consisted of simple phrases when turned upside down.
    Only numbers could be sent on a page, so people became ingenious and turned numbers into letters. Some of the more memorable phrases were: I LOVE YOU; LETS GO TO BED; HOE.
    Since 304 was only sent to those who were in bad standing, that number was forever considered as a bad omen.
    Jason was definitely in bad standing when he started to recognize that it was more than coincidental to see 304 every time he looked at the clock.
    This is not to say that he was one of those people that are always concerned about time, because he is far from it. In fact, he rarely stressed about anything at all.
    If there are only two times a day that a clock can say 3:04, and it is only looked upon twice a day, then it seems very unlikely that it would happen almost every time he looked at the clock
    At the same time, he always felt the lashing of the whip to remind him that he was in fact, a hoe.
    A hoe in the sense that he was addicted to opiates to the point of certain death, and he saw no reprisal in sight.
    This would be GOD calling our poor hero a hoe.
    On top of suffering the unbiased disease of addiction, and constant sickness and withdrawals, he had to contend to seeing 304 on the clocks... at first.
    Soon, and until very recently, he would start to see the unlikely ghost in every place he looked. At the gas pump, on songs he downloaded, in the news or weather apps, etc.
    There is no reason to believe someone else would be manipulating these occurrences, and if so, it would cost enough to cause concern for any company CFO.
    Not only 304, but he would also see 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, and so on. This would cause insanity in most men.
    On the other hand, the probability that this would happen even eighty per cent of the time that he looked at a clock, or inadvertently seen on other mediums, would be astronomical.
    This would not happen in our lifetimes by chance. There is no such thing as luck, or coincidence. Everything happens exactly as it should happen.
    There is always purpose in the design of the multi-verse. We shall further prove it by common sense and deductive reasoning.
    The saga continued throughout the years. He kept seeing 304 in all areas of life. It became more prominent as the days went by.
    After a few years of seeing this constant reminder, after he was released he decided to Google it.
    There may be a chance that he could make sense of this strange, recurring event that made him feel as if he lost his mind. At this point, his mind was the only thing that they could not take away. It was the only thing he really had left. He had lost his innocence, his drive, his dreams, hopes, and worst of all, he had lost his faith.
    He Googled the meaning of 304, and the result was even more alarming than the initial interpretation. It turned out that 304 is an Angel Number, and a sun sign. It is a message that:
    “The angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters are around you, and you are able to communicate freely with them about your desires and wishes, fears, feelings, and foibles...anything you wish.
    "...You sense the presence of the angels and pay particular attention to your intuition and inner wisdom. It also pertains to being very creative and maintaining faith and trust in yourself.”
    He finally understood the intensity of the repeat messages. It was telling him all along that he was not alone, and that he was fully protected.
    Now it made sense how he survived so many near deaths and felt the presence of something powerful at each-and-every hardship. He also learned that he may be an Empath- and may have extra-sensory perception. This theory would explain a lot.
    The next few months were so intense that he was so grateful to know that something had his back.
    • Joe, thank you! Great story and thank you so much for sharing that with us! 

      I will have to look for 304 signs. We all need our angels with us. Especially during these times. 

    • THANK YOU!

  • Relying on masks is like being on a permanent bad acid trip 

  • One can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar,  so the saying goes. 

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

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