We continue the discussion of things that may shock you with our Into the Unknown episode with Gene Decode and Sarge of ICONS.

This is the 3rd installment of the episode!

Please open up your mind to the possibilities discussed in this episode. Some may shock you.

We have discussions on mind control and the DUMBS!

Dig in.

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  • It wasn't "waitresses" it was, "Surviving pizza is the BEST."

  • A lot more people are awake than ppl think they just do t want to talk about it but they know they are not going to be surprised like everyone thinks there a new consciousness you can't see it and if they don't want to talk about then u know they r really awake!

  • Gene was pretty smooth with his hint at where the DUMBs were that were being cleaned last decide... "islands.....in the Atlantic"... knowing those of us that bothered to look would SEE.

  • I have video of Trump returning to the White House on March 4. I'm afraid too many people are intellectually lazy & just trust that someone is looking out for them. 

  • I'm shocked & saddened by the Arrogance I've been seeing in the comments online regarding the Covid vaccine. Many people seemed to be parroting someone as the term "man made speculation" kept repeating over & over. Is their speculation other than from man? Do animals speculate? And those of us who have bothered to research what's in the vaccine & how it's experimental, the first with mRNA & chips you(Google has been given the contract to track these chips., are not speculating! These things are FACTS. I'm afraid there are a lot of weak Christians that have chosen to believe what they want to because they are too concerned with what others think &  are in love with the world. 

  • Julian Assange is supposedly related to Trump. Possibly the Love child of Marilyn Monroe & Elvis(also Trump's cousin). They say that almost every natural born American is at most sixth cousins or closer to every other natural born American. 

  • Gold is the best Electroconductor there is. It's also very very malleable, which is why it is always combined with another alloy or it would not retain its shape. I'm unclear on the specifics, but I believe gold, when ingested, is very beneficial to humans. 

  • This was a great show,  Thank you all.


  • I keep looking for Gene on channels where I don’t have to pay a monthly subscription. Blessed to Teach Backstage has a subscription fee but I sure wish I could hear what Gene speaks on there. If I subscribed to every channel I’m interested in, itwould be as much as a car payment lol

    • Rick is the only one who charges & Gene doesn't like that. So you are getting everything you need to know for free. Might be some extra details on Backstage, that's all.

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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