Do you know anything about Operation Rainbow?

The Great Awakening does not only apply to us who became awake with what is going on around us. It also applies to the people who were abducted and subjected to torture and their memories erased.

Super Soldier Anthony Zender talks about his memory of Operation Rainbow and the Mercy and Comfort boat in NYC.

What is it all about?

Our discussion with George Floyed is not yet over. There are 21 Reasons why this whole thing about him is a huge lie.


It’s all in this episode!

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  • This photo of shows his gigantic chest tattoo of the Free Mason symbol which means "order out of chaos",8896192069?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • Agsin, No doubt the Floyd/Chauvin thing from the beginning  massive STAGED Psyop...

  • Would love to see the truth about - George Floyd - come out so bad that the Floyd family will have to give back the over (( $329,000,000 )) that they got, all because, George Floyd was made out to be a ''Saint'', which if you listen to Candace Owens; she tells you ALL the truth about - George Floyd - and who he was and that he was soooo far from anything related to -- ''Saint Hood'' --. And yet, still, may the truth about who this George Floyd character be laid out for the entire world to see. Even to the point of wanting to take him out of his ''gold coffin'' and put into a regular cheap - ''pine box'' -- for a coffin, instead.

    Steven Dorn - was a black ''police officer'' -- killed in the line-of-duty. Where is his ''gold coffin''?? And where is ALL the sympathy for his death ??? He left a whole family upon his death, yet there wan't a dime contributed to his ''well being'' and the welfare of his family that he left behind upon his death ??? He got completely forgotten, along with his family and he was a black police officer. Wasn't his life important ?? I guess not, or else there would have been an over whelming out pour of sympathy for officer Steven Dorn, a black police officer killed in the of duty. Not, from dealing in drugs - like George Floyd - whose system was loaded with - Fentynal and Meth - go figure.

  • "CNN = Consciousness Neutalizing Network." Kosol Ouch @ Super Soldier Talk🗣💙💗

  • Floyd/Chauvin (Freemeasons??) The whole thing  STAGED Psy OP....


  • more hopian simon parkes us quantum coputer see into future 6 monthesinto future we have it they donot

  • Linda, have you had a chance to go and listen to and watch Candace Owens on her YouTube channel ''Candace'' - going OFF and literally RIPPING and SHREDDING the George Floyd trial - TO SHREDS - and she literally spares nothing. She's also a 'brand new' employee on, of all places; ''The Daily Wire'', along with Ben Shapiro and all of the other Daily Wire conservatives. Go ahead, take a ''looksy'', your jaw will literallly - DROP - because, like I was telling you about her going off on George Floyd case - she spares NOTHING

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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