The cabal steals hundreds of nukes and plants them around the globe. They are threatening to release them if their US presidential bet does not assume office.

Meanwhile, the military is having their secret mission to detonate these weapons.

Sounds like a Hollywood movie plot?


It’s a secret invasion attempt.

Dig in to find out more in my conversation with Sarge.

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  • Excellent as always.....look forward to hearing you both. 

  • When are you two lovebirds going to tie the knot?

  • Jab Crow... made me spit tea all over my monitor! LOL

  • the last pope was Ratzinberge the women is Beatrice----she stepped down recently

  • Maybe Americans are not out in the streets because of all the patriots in jail from Jan 6th...also we have guns---lots of guns  

  • headboard Harris....heels up Harris ...

    Shitty shitty bang bang....just a couple!!! 😆

  • SARGE, 

    STOP saying, "you know what I'm saying" - that's lazy, and a bad speaking habit.  Yes, we know. 

    Makes you sound dumber than you are. You're quite smart in your analysis of the evidence, but this bad habit detracts from your message..


    It really doesn't serve you well.

    I hope your analysis is right, but sadly, there's not that much evidence to support it yet.  Even after they're done with the arrests, they HAVE to show tribunals and executions, or the normies won't accept it. That means, the normies HAVE to see it.


    This has nothing to do with Covid, it's all about the Great Reset, the NWO taking over the world, and depopulating the planet.  This is nothing but the Illuminaughty, trying to rule the world and killing the "useless eaters".

    The Elites are all Satanic psychopaths. They start the wars, they steal our wealth. They lie to us constantly.  They steal, rape, torture, kill and EAT our kids!

    They MUST Die!

    Shove the vax up their ax!

  • I haven't seen Bill (lizard) gates or faucci on utube for a couple of weeks.  What is going on, are they being hidden by the deep state? Cuomo really should be executed along with deblassio and these other demons.

  • Hey lLinda, Sarge, and Truman I saw this video from Tom Youngjohn 2. He is an attorney of some kind and puts out video updates from real raw news on YouTube. 
    It's a short video not on real raw news but of a lady explaining why they push the "Jab "  I haven't seen anyone else talk about the Phizer contract the government signed. So I can't really verify what the lady says.
    Thank you for doing Gods work, if you can verify this it would be great. Have a blessed day.

    Matt Johnson 

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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